September 2008

Vibewrangler Party

What: Vibewrangler Halloween Party
When: Saturday, October 11, 2008 from 9pm-12:30am

Where: Vibewrangler Recording Studio at 468 Cumberland Avenue

Tell Me More: A ton of Hamilton musicians will be playing short sets. I will be working on a giant SURPRISE SUBJECT (not the studio, as I had previously mentioned) painting.
Halloween theme + recording studio = dress as your favourite musician and bring $5 for cover so they can afford to give me free drinks all night.

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Add “Sign Maker” to the List…

Guess who’s painting a giant storefront sign for Downtown Bike Hounds? It will be the colour of Canadian campgrounds -ochre and brown.
I will post pictures if you will come to the opening Friday, October 10 from 7-10pm.

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Robyn Dell’Unto

So I met up with Robyn Dell’Unto at the Casbah last night.
Robyn is licensing two of my paintings for use on her (coming soon) website and her awesome 6-song CD (below).
I think I have said this before, but I love her and you probably should too. Her music is excellent and she is totally charming and entertaining and hilarious live. You can check her out at Absinthe on September 23rd and all over Ontario in the coming weeks. If you are so silly as to leave one of her shows without buying the CD, you can kick yourself for a couple weeks, then come buy it from her, via me, at the October 18th Makers Market.

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…was WET. Sold some stuff, had some lovely chats, but Saturday’s endless downpour kept a lot of people away. Thanks to everyone who came out, and to those who mentioned commissioned work -I definitely do commissions. Just get in touch with me via e-mail ( to discuss the details/see some commissioned works I have done in the past.
Next up, I will be appearing at a (hopefully drier) market at the James North Cathedral on October 18th.

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Ferguson Station Makers Market

In spite of frigid early morning conditions, some serious rain, and the Locke Street Festival bogarting all of our arts patrons, the Makers Market went pretty well on Saturday.
I spent some of my profits here and here, but went home with enough to buy dinner here, so it was a success in my books.
Come visit me this weekend (13-14) at Westitalia!

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