February 2009

Pick Your Guard

I haven’t painted a single thing in weeks because I am in love with leather. It’s true. We are having an affair and she is a high-maintenance partner, which is to say I am spending all my money on things to make her beautiful–tools, dyes, stains, finishes, clasps, hides, lace, inserts and more! Some markets better roll around soon and finance this fling.

In the meantime, I’m setting up an etsy shop to (hopefully) sell some stuff online. There’s nothing listed yet, but I will soon have wallets, necklaces, earrings, hair combs, custom pickguards (like the one above) and more at undertheleather.etsy.com (I desperately wanted hideandchic, but it’s taken). Check me out at the end of next week!

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Katy Leask at Bike Hounds

For the month of February, Bike Hounds is hosting Katy Leask–a local pen and ink artist whose fluid line drawings focus on human form and figure. You can check out a bio, contact info and a gallery of her work here.
Hope to see you (and some nice evening walking weather) Friday, Feb. 13!

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