August 2009

Dog House

Pet portraits…does this make me the wedding singer of painters? I don’t care if it does. I love dogs, I love painting them, and I love dog lovers, so here’s how it’s going to work:

From now on, 10% of all pet-related things (paintings, collars, etc.) goes to the Hamilton-Burlington SPCA.

I’ll have some paintings (seen in posts below) for sale at the Wigg-Wagg, or you can order a custom portrait of your own pooch. For one day only (Wigg-Wagg, Sunday Sept. 13), if you order the 10 x 10 custom portrait (seen here) for $100, 20% goes to the SPCA.

Man that’s such a good deal, you’re practically stealing from the animals if you don’t take advantage. Do you really want to steal from the animals? I didn’t think so. Sign up early to avoid disappointment!

* Cat/pig/chicken/fish/etc. lovers do not despair. I hope to work on a few paintings of animals other than dogs next week. Check back for updates*

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What a Mess…

Apologies for each photo being its own post, but Blogger is listing my photos in random clumps when I do them all in one post and it’s making me insane.

Anywhoooo, here are some shots of what I’m doing (instead of eating and sleeping and socializing) these days as September, my month of markets, draws near.

Painting is happening too, just on a different floor of the house. Tomorrow I’ll post photos of some of the pet portraits I’m getting ready for the SPCA’s Wiggle Waggle Walk-A-Thon on September 13.

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Seatbag Stitching

Snaps on to the rear of your bike saddle. Perfect for carrying patch kits, wallets and small repair doohickeys that, if kept in a handlebar bag, could create the kind of wind resistance that might spell the difference between winning and losing the Tour de France.

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