November 2009

Oh Snap

I’m probably going to go back, hack and make at least 10, 000 words worth of edits, but that is not the point.

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Here’s a Headline – More Leather Below

Sorry for the lame-o headline. I’m tired of writing headlines. I write them every day for work and I’ve already written three today, so I’m spent.

But there is more leather below.

First up a custom order for a guitar strap I’m working on. It’s not completely finished yet, but I was psyched about the design, which turned out the way I wanted it to and (I hope) the way its new owner had in mind.

Below that is a leather seatbag for road racing, or whatever form of cycling you fancy. These will be available at Downtown Bike Hounds in Hamilton starting Tuesday December 8th.

A little farther down the page is a Christmas ornament of the dude from Log Driver’s Waltz. Canada Vignettes anyone? No? Maybe this link will jog your memory.

Happy holidays hosers!

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She Cried “More More More”

Upates, updates!

First up is a Christmas ornament – this little guy works as well hanging from a bough as he does diving from a present. Makes a flashy tag that you can keep. Moms love that stuff. I know mine does

On deck – a trio of simple change purses. Sweet design on the back, brass snap up front.

Third on the list is a guitar strap covered in Ontario Parks icons. I do these custom-styles too, if you’re not as Canadian camp nerd as I am.

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Feathers Everywhere

All right – here they are.

First up – I’m on a bit of a Christmas ornament kick in preparation for the Makers Market next weekend. Here’s a hand-tooled leather feather to hang on the tree. I think I’m going to have to make these a little smaller. As is, this one is the same size as the cuff below, which is very nice, but its price will have to reflect the size.

I don’t know if I would pay the same for a Christmas ornament as I would for a bracelet, but maybe I’m cheap? Or a Scrooge?

Next up is a design I’ve been thinking about for almost two months, but didn’t get around to making until yesterday. A massive leather feather to wrap around your wrist.

More to come tomorrow. I’m just waiting for a few things to dry.

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I’m All Talk

I do have a finished product to show, but it’s after five and (thanks to winter) dark out now so I don’t have a photo. I could just take one indoors, but I am done with godforesaken flashes starting now.

Check back tomorrow for a couple new things in the way of leather goods!

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