January 2010

Saturday Snooooooooze

I’m spent. It’s freezing cold and I spent two hours of my morning running in preparation for the Race Around the Bay.

Since then I’ve been immersed in computer work with little time for leather. By Monday however, I will (fingers crossed) have version 2.0 of my Navy Blues Belt and a new guitar strap or two to talk about.

Also hope to have some paintings up shortly – I’m working on a couple newbies that I’ve had in the ideas vault for ages and was only recently spurred to put to canvas.

I’ll update all about it in the coming weeks…

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Necklace Love

Here are some of the necklaces I’ve been working on recently.

First up is the Lovebug Necklace – a sapphire blue pincher bug on a vintage copper chain. I’ve been trying not to sell things lately (genius marketing strategy, no?) because I want to have a load of stuff for Hillside next weekend, but I think I’m going to put this guy in my Etsy shop today. It is, after all, almost Valentine’s Day and people will be looking for all things lovey and dovey and heart-shaped and…insect…ridden? Why not? Entomologists need love too!

Below him the the Bookworm Necklace. This is all vintage brass – from the chain to the pendant and embellishment. I made one of these with a green feather back in the fall and book nerds like me loved it up. So here’s another!

Lastly is another Deer in the Headlights necklace on my favourite vintage chain. A couple new things here:

1) I applied a resist to the young buck’s head to make it stand out.

2) I used a much thicker leather for this than I was using a few months ago. Actually I’ve gone back and re-made a lot of the necklaces and earrings I pumped out in the early days of Shoot From the Hip because they were made of the thinnest leather. Upside is the thin stuff is way easier to cut into tight corners and turn-arounds. Downside is it starts to cup after a while. There’s not enough backbone to hold a nice flat shape in the long term.

So I started doing finger crunches back in September and now I have hand strength fantastic enough to cut the crazy thick leather.


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200th Post

Welcome to post # 200! Starring my kitchen table as background!

Not really that exciting. So on to business…

Only two of the below cuffs are new (the green and the light brown with turquoise and eggplant liners respectively), but I like the look of them all together like that.

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Bad Blogger

I’m like a boyfriend chock full of empty promises sometimes, aren’t I? Tomorrow baby, I promise – tomorrow I’ll post pictures, just give me one more chance and I swear it…

Seriously though, I’m getting stuff done. It’s just that I have no proof because I run out of sun to photograph every day. It’s winter’s fault! If it were summer (and I knew how to use the timer on my camera), you’d be looking at honey-hued shots of me wearing a new belt in the park under the overpass near my house. Doesn’t that sound nice?

As it is, you’ll probably have to settle for shots of my dog wearing a new belt, standing on the front porch in a snow flurry tomorrow.

Damn winter. Why’s it always gots to come between us like this, sugar?

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Hillside Prep

A couple more pieces for Hillside Inside.

First up – a wallet with Guelph’s Mustang Drive-In tooled on to the front. Following that, Guelph’s Albion Hotel.

Also, a pair of coloured cuffs.

Sorry for the boring post, but I have a mile-long list of errands/efforts/etc. today and I’ve already used up more than the allotted time for this “to-do.”

I’m devoting one day this week to nothing but jewellery, so I should have some necklaces and earrings to post before Friday.

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