Ho Hum Dum De Dum

Here is some of what I did today…

– Worked on a birthday/thank you cuff for Karin.

– Allowed Memphis to sleep on the couch. He was sick! He’s still fragile!

– Made falafals and a loaf of bread.

– Watched Sean silk screen some T-shirts. The intended message of them is I Camp Ontario Parks, but there is a dirty subliminal message also. You can figure it out.

– Transcribed. Listed things on Etsy.

– Rustled up a present for other Karen (with an E not an I), who should look no further if she’s reading this because it will ruin her own surprise.

In other news, if anyone can tell me why I can no longer type between photos without having the text appear all over the place in ths published post, that would be awesome. You know what I’m saying? If I try to jibber jabber throughout the post, adding captions to photos, the whole thing looks totally wonky when I hit publish.


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