March 2010

Burned Out

You’ll have to forgive my lack of posting. I spent most of the last two days doing/recovering from this and more of this.

Regular posting, including pictures of projects, should resume this week.

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The Old Switcheroo

Re-arranged. It may still look pretty rammed with stuff, but believe me, there is so much more space in this room now.

Take a look. Now that the working environment is up to par, there’s no excuse. Time to start working? Agreed!

Below you will see that I’m stitching up a suede-lined portfolio according to a very old Tandy pattern kit. Giddy up. The Pony Express is coming through.

Also getting ready to start stitching up a country guitar strap for some wild woman out there. I used oil dye for this and I’m extremely happy with the result. The colour is rich and uniform and the dye goes on so much more easily than the Eco-Flow I’ve been using for a year.

Down sides include the stink (thoughthat’s what windows are for, no?) and the fact that this stuff seeps right through the sheep’s wool I use to apply it, which means it gets all over my hands without my realizing it and ends up on my face. For days. Because it’s not quite as washable as the Eco-Flow.

Small price to pay.

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Mr. Clean

Every so often I am overcome by a panicky desire to clean the house and get rid of stuff.

Today it was brought on by an inability to function in my studio yesterday. I’m overhauling the place.

Pictures to come.

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