April 2010

Break a Leg

Here are a couple of the straps I’m working one, both gifts.

One to mark a year of marriage…

And one to mark brotherhood…

This one uses the same design I put on a large belt a couple weeks ago. I kind of had license to go to town with this one, so if its order-er decides on something else, this will go into the pile of Hillside wares.

Oh man…I just felt a sick, psyched thrill thinking of that deadline. Giddy up!

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I just got a new shipment of my very favourite chain – an antique brass filigree that I want to string everything up on. Also a couple pendants including large copper lockets and a working brass whistle. Woot woot!

Some jewellery is in the works!

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Sand and Surf

Forgot to post this when it arrived the other week, but check out the sweet score I netted from Etsy’s Astral Boutique.

If you see me at all this summer, I will more than likely be in it. It is amazing and I want to wear it every day. Can you imagine a more perfect summer dress? NO I DIDN’T THINK SO.

Astral Boutique has a huge selection of great vintage dresses. They’re all well-priced and Sasha (the seller) is an all-around awesome lady – very nice and quick to respond and ship.


PS – this beautiful redhead is not me…I wish I had that hair. This is a shot from Sasha’s shop.

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Liquored Up

Here’s a shot of the flasks I’m doing for The Snug. All wrapped up and ready to ship out this afternoon.

Here’s a close-up of the Isle of Man design I created – bright and beautiful in a new red stain I am thrilled to say, rose to the occasion. It makes my old red dye look like a lame-ass, faded poppy red by comparison. Poppy red…my Laurentian nemesis…

And just because I love being able to type and post photos, here’s a shot of some granola bars I made the other day. If you want to get into doing this (it’s way cheaper and you can add whatever you like), the recipe can be found at Alton Brown’s website here.

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I think we’re good to go here…I’m not wild about this theme, but today it’s my favourite of those that WordPress has to offer.

The archives are a bit of a mess right now, so I’m going to be slowly working my way through them over the coming weeks. Very slowly. I have a loooooooad of stuff in the works and NO TIME.

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