October 2010


After all that…I forgot to post pictures of the two paintings I finished over the weekend so I guess you’ll just have to go to the AGH Art Sale next week if you want to see them!

Sorry about that. Yesterday was a crazy day full of obligations all over town and photos completely slipped my mind. If you happen to pass the AGH in your day-to-day activities though, check out the poster hanging in the east-facing window at the front doors – Mulberry is featured along with a handful of beautiful pieces including Miyoshi Kondo‘s Farm. I love love love her colourful gouache paintings and want to buy them all.

Anyway, I had planned for today to be a day to catch up on all the leatherwork I’m behind on, but then I re-jigged my writing schedule and now it looks like leather is going to be pushed to the weekend.

Here’s hoping your election, wherever it took place, went well. Except you Toronto – I know how it went and yeeesh…my condolences. If you want to move to Hamilton, we’ll understand. I hear we’re the Brooklyn to your Manhattan. You could be the next Arthur Miller or Spike Lee and not even know it because you’re too busy working ten jobs to pay your exorbitant rent. You may never realize your full potential in the Big Smoke, but I guarantee* it will stare you in the face in the Steel City!

* not a guarantee

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Promises, promises…

Hold on to your hats. Soon I will have a visual overload for you. A couple paintings coming and a ton of custom leather work I’ve fallen behind on.

I swear. Next week – same bat time, same bat channel.

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Tuesday’s Child

So I’ve been doing nothing but making notes and conducting lengthy interviews these days. Not the kind of stuff that makes for super interesting photos. Not with my poor photography skills anywhooooo.

However, I’m also finishing my last two pieces for the AGH art show and sale. If you can stick out the week I’ll have shots of those up soon.

In the meantime here is a short list of things to entertain…

– Head over to Love it a Lot to see photos of a recent trip to Canada’s Wonderland. Oh my, what fun! October Sundays are the only way to do this park. Say farewell to line-ups!

– See why Eric Stoltz does not = Marty McFly.

– Check out the below photos of our new foster friend, Brodie. If you don’t own a basset hound yet, why the heck not? This guy is sugar sweet.

*Full disclosure – photos are not mine. They were taken by another BHRO volunteer and a far better photog than I. Please enjoy how modest young Brody is in picture number two.

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WHAAAAA? Get Outta Town…

Hey. It’s late. I’m exhausted. I should, by all accounts, be asleep.

HOWEVER, I just came home from a weekend of Thanksgiving overload and decided to check my inbox before I hit the sack and guess what was waiting for me? A congrats from Room – a Vancouver lit mag that hosts a writing contest annually – regarding said annual writing contest, which I entered this summer.

Ummmmmmm, not only did I place in their fiction category, I placed first. NOT EXPECTING THAT. And toooooootally blown away! Almost too excited to sleep.

Guys. Girls. I feel like throwing up.

If you’re interested in checking out my short story, Chocolate Season, please pick up their Winter 2011 issue. This is a great mag that I’ve been reading for years. I’ve always aspired to having my name appear in their pages, but this is the first time I’ve actually submitted anything. With sexy results!

Sorry about the disjointed staccato of these sentences, but I am running on empty. Will edit for clarity in the a.m.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Home for a day from a whirlwind Thanksgiving tour!

I spent a couple days up in Georgian Bay visiting family and figured why not hit Georgian Bay Islands National Park? Come now – one of the reasons I’m a travel writer is my itchy feet. I’ll take any excuse to wander, whether I’ve been there a thousand times (as in this case) or not!

Oh my, my…fall. What a thing, eh? It’s my version of that pretentious plastic bag from American Beauty. If you don’t look around yourself at this time of year and find that you’re just bowled over by the beauty of the world, you’re probably a sociopath.

Test yourself. Here, I’ll leave you with a few shots of some sweet autumn action and a wish that you enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend.

See you Tuesday!

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