November 2010


A custom collar for a west coast pooch.

I thought I knew the technique used to achieve this look and was dead wrong. Fortunately, Tundra to the rescue as always.  I headed over there for a mid-morning lesson (and an espresso) and came out knowing how to block.

It takes some layering of dyes and a bit of steady-handed painting, but ta-da! I love it. I’m resurrecting my Wild Filly belt design now that I have this technique down enough to add some punch to the pattern.

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Getting Cozy

Taking a break from my final edits to say the following.

Number one – Free People is selling vintage at exorbitant prices. I don’t think I speak exclusively for myself when I say FUCK OFF. There are a pair of $200 boots listed on their site that I almost bought on Etsy last week for $40. The exact same pair.

Number two – Check out The Snail & The Cyclops for a dose of beautiful. Her face, her photos, her dresses (ohhh maaa gaaaa her dresses. As if one lady owns so many incredible dresses) are all very easy on the eyes. I bought something from her that I shouldn’t have, but since I scored the below-pictured pair of winter boots dirt-cheap (pink tag days at Talize mean I paid $6 instead of the $60 I thought I might have to spend on new boots)…

I allowed myself this coat…

I also feel it’s justified because I’ve been searching for a good wool winter coat (a fancy-pants coat that I can wear with dresses, criteria: seriously warm, seriously awesome) for years and have come to the conclusion they just don’t exist anymore. Not new. So sir. Only vintage ones do the job.

The 60’s/70’s had style as well as sense (well…debatable in some cases) in that most of their coats are thick, heavy and warm in addition to pretty-lookin’ (also they come in ever-loving colours. If I see another black winter coat I’m going to barf. Isn’t it dark enough from December on? I love winter, but if there’s one thing the season needs it’s colour. Allow me!).

If you try to find a new wool winter coat out there these days, goooooood luck! The more style, the less substance they all seem to have. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried on Canadian-made coats in Canadian-owned boutiques and been told “oh yeah it is pretty thin. It’s definitely not warm enough for winter here.”

Where do these designers think we are? What, may I ask, is the point of a winter coat insufficient for winter? No more. Between old faithful (my green canvas winter coat) and this marigolden spy shell, I’m set for the season.

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Happy Thanksgiving, America!

I’ll admit it – I don’t know why you guys squeeze this event in so close to Christmas and New Year’s –seems stressful– but since Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday (religion-free, and full of food, drink and general appreciation for the goodness of our lives, livelihoods and loved ones (wow do you feel fuzzy as a Hallmark card yet?)), we’re celebrating twice!

Turkey, wine and good times at the homestead tonight!

Talk to you next week.

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Smuggle In Style

Five flasks.

Three with personalizations on their rears.

At the request of the buyer, one of the whiskey flasks is stained a dark fudge colour instead of the caramel shade I usually use. Love this call – it looks niiiiiiiiice.

UNRELATED UPDATE: sometimes Brody goes to climb into bed, but gets tired partway there. Then he sleeps like this…

PS – Do you want to adopt him yet or what?

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