November 2010

Kackel Hounds!

This day was going pretty well until I took the dogs for a walk 20 minutes ago. Because they are incapable of passing another dog without flipping their collective lids, they saw a pup and pulled me through a puddle where I had a spectacular wipe-out and landed (shoes, knees and elbows – both of each though I’m not sure how) in not only the puddle, but the adjacent mountain of unscooped dog shit.

Have I mentioned how irresponsible dog-owners (along with car-centric planning of any kind) top my list of pet (no pun intended) peeves? As if you just let your dog shit all over the place! I wish to god there was  a job busting people for that kind of thing. How vigilant I would be! No one would be safe, especially not the horse cops who let their steeds dump steaming heaps all over the streets of Hamilton.

And to think! Just this morning I was saying I didn’t think I’d ever be upset about stepping in dog shit again because it would make me think of this toy, which would crack me up. The humour is not lost on me now, but oh man…I’m still pretty pissed at my hounds.

Anyway, BEFORE that, I was busy with leather goods (which I’ll photograph tomorrow) and hanging ten paintings at Volunteer Hamilton down on King Street East. They emailed me last week to see if I would bring some paintings by for the month of December.

Hit them up during Night in the Village on December 5th.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some dogs to ignore.

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Up to my Elbows…

…in leather.

One piece of writing off in the email and though I’m sure that won’t be the last I see of it, that will be all for a couple days at least.

In the meantime, I have orders to catch up on – observe! A group of five flask covers – just sprayed and waiting for some highlighter.

A National Parks strap – freshly tooled and waiting for a triple coat of resist.

I also have a dog collar that doesn’t look like much right now, but you wait!

Please excuse. I’m off and running to Bryan Prince to pick up some books.  I’m stoked about all the panelists this year, particularly Sara Quin (who I find awesome) and Georges Laraque (who I find hilarious).

The Birth House is the only book I’ve read and, while I really liked it, I think Debbie Travis has already screwed herself and her pick by pitching it hardcore as A) something that will appeal strongly to female readers and B) something she’ll use to teach the male panelists a thing or two.

Wroooooong tactic. The competition is about finding the book that every Canadian should read. Debbie just shot herself in the foot by ruling out 50% (roughly 50%? I don’t know – I’m not StatsCan) of the population.

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‘Rounding the Bend

I just picked up 16 stainless steel flasks from my supplier who wanted to know where I’m going drinking tonight.

HA – they’re all for Christmas orders, which are flooding me by the boatload! Not that I’m complaining – I’m very excited to get back into some hands-dirtying handsy work.

But first – the final park profile. This week I’m working on Ivvavik. Some shots? Well why not? Forgive me if these are repeats from back in the summer. I tried to switch it up…

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Up the wazoo!

It’s really a pretty awesome problem to have, but it means I probably won’t be posting anything until Tuesday.

It also means that once all this writing’s off my plate, I’m going on a reading bender with an assist from CBC. Hopefully it’ll be better than last year. 2009 was a fantastic year; 2010 was marginally exciting in that I only loved the two books I already knew.

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Point me to Pelee

Oh write! Righting. I’m working on a profile of Point Pelee this week, so let’s rustle up some pictures of that park.

It’s also amazing. You would be amazed at how often you’re amazed by parks in this country. Every single one of them has some mind-blowing set of attributes that sets it completely apart from any other.

Pelee is incredible by virtue of the fact that it looks more like a jungle or a slice of Georgia than anything you would expect to find in Canada. All swinging vines and humming crickets and hot hot heat.

It only gets colder from here…

What up cacti?

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