January 2011

End Scene

Guh, what a day. I’m woozy with the scent of stains and sprays. I should have taken a photo of all the work I did, but (as always) didn’t think of that until everything was wrapped and addressed.

If you’re an east coaster looking for some V-Day gifts for your man (or your lady), Love, Me Boutique is about to get five flasks and some sweet jewellery.

So. Back to the post office. Then the grocery store. Then a dog walk. Then a meeting. Then more leather.

Tomorrow? Again!

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To Post!

WHAT A DAY, INTERNET! I don’t know if you’ve looked but it’s beautiful outside and I am full of caffeine and confidence!

Down to the post office with an armload of grant application. I mixed up the dates for two similar grants and realized yesterday that what I thought was due on the 15th is actually due today. Fortunately, being on my game (because I’m so psyched about my project I hammered out the details a while ago), I had everything mostly completed. Whew!

As for the one due on the 15th, I’m attending this to ensure my application is polished to a(s perfect a) shine (as possible).

What else? I have a mess of flasks going out to the east coast today. Photos to come.

I also have an overhaul planned for this website – keep an eye…

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Custom Country Strap

Done and done!

Sweet silver hardware…

Custom inscription and design…

This was a long lot of work. It marks the first time I actually timed and measured all my work and materials for such a strap. I was underestimating myself by 50% on all previous efforts.

Ay yi exhaustion…

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Licorice Whip

A custom belt. Thin and stained cherry red. Made from a thick strip of veg-tanned leather.

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Oh No, More Money Woes

Having trouble with President’s Choice Financial? You may find the phone-in customer service agents to be useless. You may also find it impossible to get email addresses from the Contact Us section of their website.

Fortunately the Canadian government wants you to be able to complain loud and clear! Go here with your letters.

I recently deposited a cheque written in US funds and found out, while trying to buy something via debit, I have zero $ in my account because PC is holding the cheque for 41 days to verify its authenticity.

Sorry, sorry, sorry. Not the entire cheque – the cheque MINUS the adjustment exchange fee they absorbed immediately. I suppose they could just tell their take from the transaction was bona fide.

Don’t worry though! The customer care line had plenty of ideas for me! Take out a line of credit to pay your mortgage! Put everything on your high-interest PC Financial credit card for six weeks! Call your employer and have them revoke and reissue the cheque! Call the issuing bank and ask them to hurry up!

None of these are viable options as far as I’m concerned.

It is unacceptable to me that there is absolutely zero access to funds right now. This is not the 1920’s. Money is digital. Everything is computerized. The only reason it should take 41 days to access that cash is if President’s Choice sends an employee out on foot – to walk to the bank in Washington, physically pick up $3000 in burlap sacks marked with the $ symbol, and trek back to a safe in Ontario.

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