February 2011

Lazy Sunday

Though I spent much of my time yesterday dreaming of painting cuffs, I took the day off leather to work on something tastier – brownies.

This is one of the many recipes I’ve tried out in my attempt to replicate the brownies at Mulberry Coffeehouse.

Alas! They fail on the re-creation front, but are deadly tasty in a different way. Soooo dense and fudge-y.

If you like, you can stop right here and just drink this choco-butter mixture. Or you can keep going with the recipe…

STOP! Why are you putting that bowl in the sink? The batter is 100% edible!

As are the end results…

Mmmmmm. I recommend you forego the nuts mentioned in the final step and just add more chocolate. Otherwise – thumbs up to this mix.

Check back later today or early tomorrow for the next Canada cuff…

On a completely unrelated note, I am upset with the lack of upsets during last night’s Oscars. Poor, done-wrong-by John Hawkes…you’re a winner in my heart!



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Pitcher Plant Cuff

Here we have Newfoundland’s carnivorous pitcher plant cuff.

I have to say – I’m pretty happy with the way this one turned out.

What next?

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Fireweed Cuff

The first in my Canadiana-rama collection.

Featuring the territorial flower of Yukon – fireweed.

This stuff crops up like crazy, following wherever fire has cut back the trees. You’ll find it in a lot of places far more southern than Yukon, but the first I saw it was up north where I had honey from its pink-petal-nestled pollen.

It’s beautiful and, like lupins, comes in varying shades -from palest pearl to fiery magenta.

Sized for a seven inch wrist. Set to hit the shop in a couple minutes.

Which province/territory should I do tomorrow? Suggestions?


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