September 2011


Spent the morning surfing on Lake Erie. The weather was WILD – intense wind almost caught the board and sailed me into the stratosphere when I walked out of the lake.

Other than that, rain was crazy blinding and the waves were six feet tall, which was pretty exhausting to paddle against, but awesome to ride…as much or as little as I was actually riding them.

While I was having fun, I was also (sort of) doing work if you count my latest piece being published in today’s Spectator. You can check it out here.

And here I have to say a big thanks to the families who shared their time and stories with me – both for this piece and for stories I’ve done in the past.

I imagine that, regardless of the story, it must be hard to just let a stranger waltz into your house/life, towing a photographer, asking personal questions and taking notes. However, I’ve been really lucky with interviews for as long as I’ve been writing. People have always been very generous and amazing and I’m so grateful for it. Thanks!



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Late post today because I was at ArtsVest on behalf of GritLit all afternoon!

As such, I don’t have anything to show off really, aside from some of the jewellery I’m hoping to get into the shop over the weekend…

Might get around to listing some tomorrow, but DUDES – surf is up on Lake Erie right now so we’re heading out on a mini morning safari.

Might not get to it until Saturday…



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Water What-a-lo?

A custom belt – made for someone whose leather wasn’t holding up. I just moved all the hardware over to a strip of belting made from super-tough water buffalo hide.

The buckle, keepers and tip are a really weighty nickel-plated metal. Pretty fantastic.

Also, please check out the new wool skirt over at Lake and Larch. I waffled on this. I waffled like crazy. But (since I already kept a knitted blue hoser sweater I originally bought for the shop) eventually came down on the side of selling it rather than keeping it.

Perfect for fall weather and straight on till winter, I promise.

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Random Notes on a Tuesday

This post is the blog equivalent of eating snacks as a meal. A bunch of mini points which, when taken together, constitute something a little more substantial.

First up, new stuff at Lake and Larch!

Secondly, check out the beautiful scarf made for me by Melissa of Oak Savanna. Melissa was at the Beehive Summer Craft Fair. You may not have been thinking about wool and winter at the time, but allow me to remind you, now that it’s getting cold, of Melissa’s amazing knitting.
Made with oh-so-soft wool from Viola.

For pictures of it on a neck, check out Oak Savanna where the beautiful Melissa (who looks just like Anne Hathaway) models them.

Finally, wondering what’s up with surfing? Sean took this video of Gary and I not quite ripping up the waves (but making pretty good attempts) on the beach in Hamilton Sunday night.


There you have it. Now, if you haven’t spoiled your appetite, go have lunch. It’s almost noon!

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A Huntress

Sorry for the lack of posts! I’ve spent the last three days learning all about firearms and hunting in preparation for my first-ever hunt this fall.

This patch means I’m certified – just have to take the paperwork in and add a hunting license to my outdoors card.

I’m pretty psyched about it. Nervous, but also excited – to be responsible for a little more of my own food, to use start-to-finish hides (I met a guy in the course who knows a local tanner so hopefully I can put together some moccasins and purses from them) in some of my leather work, and to spend a week up north this November.


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