November 2011

December Sale

Starting tomorrow – Thursday, December 1 – I’ll be having a week-long sale at both Lake and Larch and Shoot from the Hip.

15% off everything (excluding custom orders) in both shops should make it easy for you to jump-start your Christmas shopping or pick up the perfect holiday dress.

Want a refresher?

If someone doesn’t buy this dress, I will die. It’s so beautiful.

Check it out tomorrow morning and enter the codeword holidays to get the discount on checkout!


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Construction Junction

Our house has been in a state of sometimes-minor/oft-times-major renovation since we moved in five years ago. This is the pace at which things move when you (see: Sean. I couldn’t do any of this, ever, and I don’t know how it is that he’s able to look at something – anything –  and simply figure it out) do everything yourself in the spaces you can carve between your 1000 jobs.

The kitchen has taken the longest to get started on because of how incredibly daunting the task.

When we moved in, it was truly godawful – a cracked plastic countertop, disgusting sink, “faded” woodgrain cupboards (not the good kind), and two or three different kinds of tile on the floor and the walls.

Our initial reno of that space was mostly cosmetic. Sean replaced the countertop and sink while I painted everything shades of Ronald McDonald on an acid trip (we wanted everything to be BRIGHT because our original plan with this place, before the unending and illogical red tape of Hamilton City Hall, was to open a backpacker’s hostel).

Anywhooooo, a couple months ago, it looked like this…

When I got back Friday night, I found that Sean had sneakily started on some major kitchen stuff including moving the sink and ripping out cabinets to expose an east-facing window – previously hidden because former owners dropped the ceiling from about 12 to eight feet.

You can see the difference here…

We couldn’t believe the original frame was still there. We were kind of expecting it to just be a hole in the wall so – bonus! It lets in so much light, makes the room feel huge, and offers a great view of our tree and the aeroplane-wind-ma-bob our 80-year old neighbour made us this summer.

Sean also started smashing the floor tiles, which we plan to remove completely in favour of the pine plank subfloor. They may not look like much now, but once all those staples are up and the wood is varnished, it’s going to look like a farmhouse!

Still a long way to go, but that’s a huge chunk of the work out of the way!

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A Successful Hunt

Back from the bush.

It was amazing. I can’t begin to express how lucky I feel to have had the advice and instruction of the people I did – my uncle (a former conservation officer), his friend (currently a conservation officer), a couple of super-hospitable outfitters and a collection of locals who drifted through the days all week. I truly don’t think I could have learned more anywhere else and I’m so grateful for the opportunity.

My bucks came close and my shots were good and fast and final. I used every scrap of each animal – to the point that not even the ravens wanted anything to do with what little was left over. As a result, I have a freezer full of venison, two whole hides to be tanned, and antlers to be carved and cut into buttons and necklaces.

I’m hesitant to get into the details of the hunt, or my reasons for doing it, partly because I know some people won’t want to read it and partly because I’m currently pitching a story about the adventure. I hope that, in the near future, I can link to an article that better outlines the experience and makes my position a little clearer, but in the meantime? It’s part of a desire to be more self-sufficient in life in general. To be connected to, and aware of, where my food comes from. To assume as much responsibility as possible for the food I choose to eat. To have an active role in every step of my leatherwork.

With these criteria in mind, the trip was wildly successful.

I hope to have the hides tanned locally in the coming days (I’d really like to do it myself but think I’ll let the pros do this first round) and then have some pieces made in time for Christmas. Most of them will drop into the Etsy shop a little late for holiday shipping, but I should have them at my studio and at White Elephant a couple weeks before the 25th.

PS – Sorry for the lack of photos but my camera chose this week to give up the ghost. We might a little low on imagery around here until Canon repairs it.



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The Di Niro Hunter

I’m heading out into the wild snowy woods of Dryden, Ontario next week so I guess it’s goodbye until the 28th.

In the meantime, please cross your fingers for good weather and true aim.


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A few new things making appearances in both shops today. Some pre-Christmas stocking up going on over here.

Lake and Larch has the Mrs. Rogers Sweater and the Primrose Purse…

While Shoot from the Hip has a Canada Grain flask and a couple cuffs…


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