Sew She So’s

My first experience with a sewing machine was in grade nine home economics. I was supposed to make a pencil case. Instead, I made three broken sewing machines and was told to move on to my shop rotation early.

Suffice to say I’ve been wary of sewing machines ever since. However, since I’m also weary of paying someone else to sew up every hole and shorten every hem, I took an introductory sewing class at Mohawk College a while back.

It was and was not a success.

Was not, in that as soon as I set foot to pedal, the needle snapped in two and flew across the room. I then went on to break two more needles and dislodge the foot from the machine completely.

Was, in that my instructor said this had nothing to do with my technique/understanding and more to do with the too-heavy, rubber-backed fabric I’d chosen. And though the apron I was supposed to finish that day still only hangs around my neck (the waist ties remain unsewn), I feel like I came away with a basic knowledge of the machine – how to load the thread and perform simple tasks like hemming.

I’ve been lazily looking for a machine online ever since. Today, during a mid-afternoon run up to Value Village and Bibles for Missions, I found the exact same old-school Bernina I learned on (the second, semi-successful time).

If you’re on the hunt, BFM on Upper Wellington still has two Singers (one of which is a beautiful old metal one with a wooden base) and a Kenmore on the shelves, all for under $50 each.

So I now have around two weeks to get my simple sewing skills in shape in preparation for the grand opening of Needlework and its upcoming classes, which I’m pretty psyched about.

I’m also hoping all this fabric sewing limbers me up for the spring, when I might be buying (fiiiinaaalllyyyyyy!) a Juki to machine-stitch some of my lighter weight leather. Can I tell you how excited this prospect makes me? No more hand-measuring and marking and punching five stitches to an inch in suedes and skins that don’t hold measuring and marking impressions!



  1. cor
    January 30, 2012 - Reply

    love this! I knew eventually you would end up with a sewing machine. Can’t believe you were making an apron too! Did you get me email today??!!! We are linked. COR!

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