April 2012

Bike Bar Bag

Finally. Almost. I do have to pick up a couple of buckles to polish this guy off – so I can attach the rear straps that hook him on to handlebars.

BUT. The big work is done – the measuring and cutting and hole-punching and stitching.

Made from the finest red latigo you ever laid eyes on.

With big brass hardware.

The perfect size for a couple cameras and their lenses.

WHEW. This gets a huge weight off my shoulders. It probably didn’t take as many hours as it feels like, but since I’m only in the studio half the time these days, it was stretched out over three weeks and felt like forever.

I have a couple more custom orders lined up, but they’re little guys I can probably start and finish tomorrow.

Then? Then I’m working on a bunch of little things I’ve had up my sleeve for weeks and just haven’t had the time to work on.

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Turn, Turn, Turn

In need of some art to spruce up your living space? Me neither. In fact, I’m almost at the kind of critical mass that means the walls might collapse under the weight of images.

But that wasn’t enough to stop me from buying some of Jack Dylan‘s prints on the weekend.

LOVE this stuff. I also love that his plain and simple business card reads, in a black and white art deco font, Jack Dylan – Famous Artist.


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Smashingly Smash-Proof

This has taken much longer than expected, but I finally polished off the padded camera case I started last week.

Padded inside with a layer of dense foam and covered with a thin, soft green hide.

Oh la la la, I really do like the look of the natural leather. I tend to stain this stuff all manner of colours rather than leaving it plain, but maybe this calls for some au naturel pieces?

Right. Now on to the exterior bag. La la la latigo!

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