May 2012

Strapping young things

I worked on a few belts this week. Number one was for Sean – a one-inch black belt. Plain. Simple. Functional.

The other, a super-skinny half-inch belt, stained teal and featured on one of Roisin’s stellar pouches. This side of the pouch was, I think, dyed with iron from Gary’s farm. The other side has a print of a Calgary bus and transit signs (inspired, I assume, by the time she spends teaching at ACAD).

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Of Dresses and Dogs

Yesterday I went shopping with Liz of Needlework fame. We were picking up hides for my moccasin-making workshop this Sunday. That’s right! Remember these guys?

You can learn to make your very own! Well…not this week. The class is full. But they invested in some good leather tools so I imagine there will be more in the future – keep your eyes open!

While there, I also signed up for their Wiksten tank class.

Expect to see me in some variation on this dress/shirt regularly. It’s exactly what I want to be wearing every day this summer. The class is also a good excuse to spend more time at the shop, petting their newest employee!

She is amazing! She’s so calm! She’s nice to everyone! She will love you!

Unless you’re a camera. She hates those, so this is the last (fuzzy) shot I got before she tried to hide under a desk.


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And the winner is…

The quality of this vid is a bit wonky, but I do not have time to fix it right now.

Winners – email me at

All – send suggestions re: replacing Sean’s mug to same.

Game-changing* addendum – Cynthia responded immediately so she gets first dibs on wallet colour. Turns out she lives in my hood and it seems weird that she has to wait when we’re basically next door to each other.

* in no way denotes game-changer

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Hush, Puppy!

Did you bustle this weekend? Oooooh man, Memphis and I hooked up with Pepper (for some purebred street cred) and headed up to the SPCA for the afternoon.

I realized I’ve spent a lot of time recently trying to convince people I’m not a crazy dog lady. I do not think this helps, but here we go…

It was smoking hot but there were plenty of pooch pools.

And this little lady was wearing a wet coat to keep cool.

Reppin’ the bloodhound contingent.

Pepper loved it up – this is where she came from two years ago, before she was Jane’s dog.

Three-legged dog number one was a bloodhound…

…and number two was a basset.

This is, I guess, a thing? There was a whole contest and the bloodhound who sat with a towel on his head longest, won. What? I don’t know. I’m assuming glory.


All right, check back in tomorrow for the thrilling results of the Lister Block wallet draw – video style. It’s a bit of a roller coaster. There’s something for everyone (though mostly just for the winner) – intrigue, surprise, tragedy, comedy and guest appearances.


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Park It

No secret around here that I love me some Canadiana, particularly when park-related.

A few weeks ago, I bought a custom order from Kelly Clark of Umber Dove Studios and asked for a ring that riffed on the old-school Parks Canada logo. We had some back and forth about design and stone and sha-zaam! It arrived this week.

Oh yes sirs.

It’s incredible. AND? She worked in – in the most perfect of ways – the little stand of northern spruce I wanted to include.

I love it. Love it. I know I’ve shown off custom orders on this site before, but this one takes the cake. It is my most adored piece of jewellery and if you’ll excuse me now, I’m going to show it off on a patio somwhere (who am I kidding? The Ship. I will be on the patio at The Ship).

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