August 2012

Crown Land

Guys, I have no patience. NO PATIENCE. Welcome to the name change. Hope you had time to say your goodbyes to Shoot from the Hip because I put it down overnight.

Welcome to the new name. I found it in one of these two books (well, I didn’t learn it from them, but I added it to the list of possibilities after seeing it here) but I can’t remember which:

The below banner is just a place-holder until I get some sweet new graphics whipped up by Mike who is busy making Supercrawl look awesome, but here you have it – the soft re-branding. Crown Land. Hooray! Stay tuned for images…

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Extra, extra!

All I have to talk about today is paper. Starting with this month’s Explore. I’ve got a piece in there. If you want to start surfing, read all about it.

Next up – when I was home over the weekend my Grandma gave me a bunch of magazines from the 60s. All about the provinces and no love for the territories. What’s up with that? Seriously. I guess 2/3 of them have only been part of the country for over a century.

ANYWAY, the provinces. It’s not their fault. Let’s not blame them. They’re amazing. Want to see?

Perfect. I was just wondering if Jack Benny was really that stingy…

The magazines reminded my Dad that he had the last-ever issue of the Toronto Telegram, so he gave me that too.

Most of the news in the last-ever issue of the paper was about how it was the last-ever issue of the paper. A lot of the ads were too, including those from the competition, who couldn’t wait to beat that horse. But Klassy-like. The way the Sun still does things today (I’m placing the blame for this burn 100% on the…shoulders…of the Sunshine Girl).

Who needs spelling and grammar know-how when you’re blinded by a birght, new, forceful format anyway? I like to think some vengeful Telegram staffer dropped that typo in on purpose. Maybe the same ad man who put together this sweet fashion advertorial.

Don’t worry – they have fashion for women too, as evidenced by this article about what the ladies would be sporting in the year 2000.

(I’m wearing this one right now)

There was also a ridic Dear Abby where a cheated-on woman wrote to ask if she should leave her philandering husband. Abby asked her to ask herself a ton of quesitons about what a good guy he is, you know, aside from the litany of affairs.Ummmmm…

Oh yeah, and there was this piece patting us on the back for scoring Jane Jacobs:

Wow she always looked awesome/exactly the same.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to power up my hovercraft boot and head to the Spectator.



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I like to ride my bicycle(s)

Make space in the stable for another! Sean pimped out my Surly frame for me for my birthday and it is more beautiful than I imagined it would be – with a Brooks seat and cork bar tape and shorty drop bars and my dream shifters!

Now we need to go on another tour so I can test this stallion out!

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Waves and wallets

Day off yesterday! I was home (the one where I grew up) visiting family for my birthday (which is today).

It was awesome, complete with ice cream cake and a morning surf on Erie. I have to say, it was the most successful surf session I have ever had. Maybe it was home lake advantage or maybe I’m getting better, but I stood and rode every single wave I caught. And there were lots. The water was like the ocean – sets rolling in with lulls between so you could actually paddle out.

Today I’m back in the studio working on ball glove wallets sized large and small.

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Ta-da! Kind of…

Readers, I am re-branding Shoot from the Hip. After weeks of agonizing and nearly alienating Sean because options are all I’ve wanted to talk about, I settled on one.

I was going to announce it and change my Etsy name over and do all that jazz immediately because I am a lady with little patience (and also little”lady”), but now I think I’m going to wait until I have a new logo made for me by Mike, designer to the stars.

We’ll see. I may get paranoid that someone else will register the name before me on Etsy and just go ahead and start spewing it everywhere, or I may blow it due to excitement.

In the meantime, this is older news, but I wrote about the Arkells’ new song yesterday. You can read about it here.

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