September 2012

Have a Sip

Oh look! A little canteen! Palm-sized.

Do you think it matters that I cut this from the side with the branding number on it?

Does that make it “flawed” or “more awesome” or should I keep it for myself and take it on a test drive?

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Howdy Pardner

Shoot from the Hip might be dead in name, but I still love me some westernisms.

This is a variation on the hip holsters I used to make – the ones that slid over existing belts. I do plan on adding a few more of those to the roster, but I found I didn’t always wear mine because having it right on my belt sometimes got in the way of things/could be hard to get into depending on the shirt I was wearing.

This guy comes with his own belt, meant to be slung around your hips in addition to a functional belt.

That way you can also wear it as a purse. If you get sick of one, you can opt for the other.

Brass rivets and hardware, all hand-set. Hand-cut leather, soft as soft can be.

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Still Thirsty?

Do I seem obsessive? Ummmmmmm, you might be right. I love love love this Canteen Purse design. It’s fun to make, satisfying to see in its finished form and there are sooooo many shades of soft leather available to make it in, I can barely keep it together.

I certainly can’t stop making them.

This one is a special fave. You wouldn’t believe the colour of this leather. It looks like the ocean, all faded and pale in parts and deepest depths turquoise in others

Some variations on this theme to come…

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Art Army

What a week. I’m satisfied. During, I felt like I didn’t have enough time in the studio, but when I stand back and look at what got done, I’m pretty happy. I feel like I got a looooooooad of stuff done including a few new pieces I’ve been meaning to get into for ages, like this military-inspired belt.

Again and again I come back to good gear, made for functioning out of doors. I’m not talking climbing harnesses and hiking boots; I’m talking about other en plein air pursuits – writing and sketching and painting.

To that end, I made this belt yesterday. As uje, I’m keeping this one for myself (for quality control and market research testing), but I’m also going to drop a few into the shop over the next couple weeks.

A brass horseshoe buckle hand-stitched into place with waxed linen thread.

Space for 13 pens, pencils and paintbrushes.

Hand-set with brass rivets. The Group of Seven Belt. Wear it for work or just for looks.

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