December 2012

Chalk it up to this

Wow, how have your holidays been? Mine were wild. They were fun, but didn’t feel like a holiday in the restful sense of the word. Fortunately I’ll have some dedicated resting days coming up later in 2013.

One of the projects that kept me busy last week was an order for a chalk bag. I made one of these for myself ages ago but it was slapdash and full of shortcuts and really pretty awful. Not so, this one. This one, I love.

IMG_0475 (Large)

Made of the most beautiful pumpkin-coloured leather and lined with fleece. Brass hardware and a hand-tooled, hand-painted, hand-stitched leather leaf. I almost kept this but decided I could just as easily make one for myself…and when I do, Jess and I will look like twins climbing together.

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Triple dog dare

Sorry for the lack of posts around these parts. I’ve been driving from house to house to house and eating chocolates.

Hope you’re enjoying the holidays and getting some good Christmas movie-watching in. We watched The Ref last night, but I’m hoping to get to see A Christmas Story before the snow goes.


Enjoy the rest of your holidays!


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But no eggnog because pouring will be a disaster. Also, IT’S DISGUSTING.

As Christmas comes closer, my list of gifts grows – not for the people I need to buy, make and do for of course (Ha!), but for the friends of friends and people looking for leather gifts.

I sent some flasks out at the beginning of the week…

flasks 003 (Large)

Always a huge seller for me at Christmas. Question though – while I like these flasks just fine, I think I recently saw the site of a Canadian flask-maker somewhere. I believe it was a he and I’m pretty sure he used copper in his awesome construction. If you can think of who this might be, please leave a comment and let me know! I want to try covering a couple.

flasks 008 (Large)

NOTE: Anyone reading this and thinking the above flask is bound for him/her, you are incorrect. Just so you know. I’m not wrecking any presents here. For sure it’s not yours.

OTHER NOTE: I love the new image uploader on WordPress!

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Whatta weekend

What a ram-jam weekend! Everyone decided to have their Christmas parties smack in the middle of the month. In addition to Art Crawl and the O’s Clothes party at Academica on Friday, we skipped around to four holiday parties Saturday night – Supercrawl at This Ain’t Hollywood, Ilya and Kathy at their house, Gravity at One Duke and Sonic Unyon back at This Ain’t. FEWF.

Before all that though, I spent Saturday’s daylight hours back in Toronto – because one weekend wasn’t enough. I dropped off some stuff at a new shop and went to the Frida and Diego show at the AGO. Afterwards I swung by 401 Richmond to have a Tintype Studio portrait done. Sean was supposed to be with me, but bike repair beckoned and I ended up solo in this shot.

I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate being in photos, particularly when there’s studio lighting and fancy equipment involved, so it’s quite a thing that I loved this experience. I credit this to the guys running the show at Tintype. They are rad and their product screams its own awesome. Observe:


Check their site for a full breakdown of the metal-made magic that is their photos.

I also found what’s bascially the quilt I’ve spent my whole life looking for. 25% off $35 for this steal. It’s mental and it’s made for my dream cabin. Now all I need is the acerage and the know-how to construct a building!

IMG_1978 (Large)

I got this book at Swipe. I’ve been looking for it since Laura Marotta mentioned it when I interviewed her for this piece.

IMG_1960 (Large)

A history of colour. Eras, efforts, everything. The shades behind certain times and the hues of many movements.

IMG_1967 (Large)

IMG_1971 (Large)


IMG_1974 (Large)

Pretty sweet.

Finally, I may have purchased a ridiculous dog outfit but it’s badass and it was cheap and Memphis is a pansy about the cold. He lays, shivering, on the heated bathroom floor or directly in front of a vent all day long like he was some poor orphan from a Dickens tale. WHO’S COLD NOW, TINY TIM?


Aaaaaand finally, we saw Plaskett Sunday night. It was a last-minute decision, but a smart one.


Fewf, right? I’m tired just thinking back through all of it…





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You can now find Crown Land on Queen West – I’ve got some earrings and wallets here at 1082 Queen West.

IMG_1921 (Large)

Short and sweet. I have more to say but left the images on a different nerd device that’s sitting at home, so it’ll have to wait until tomorrow!


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