GUYS, I just got back from Cuba and have a million photos to wade through. In the meantime, I recently found one of my old high school sketch books and looky-loo! Some of my favourite stuff still kicking around!

I remember being pretty psyched about this first one because I didn’t think I could do aaaaaaanything with oil pastels and it turned out better than I thought.

SAM_2862 (Large)

I was also obsessed with Sandman comics so I spent a whole lotta time replicating panels.

SAM_2866 (Large)

I really wish I had all of the sketches from this next one, but I guess I tossed everything but the best. This was an exercise where we were supposed to draw our partners without looking at the paper or taking charcoal off the page. It’s probably the all-time wonkiest image ever made of my friend Karen, but it’s also one of my favourite things I have ever drawn. I don’t know why.

SAM_2864 (Large)

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