March 2013

Press pass

I have a pretty awesome backpack that works for hauling laptop and sketch books to the studio every day, but when I try to use the thing to carry notebooks and pens and recording devices and keys around to interviews, all that junk gets lost in the bottom of my pack.

I needed something custom and so, remembering I do things custom, I made a bag for myself – one with pockets and key clips to keep all my mess in order. Guaranteed Lois Lane never had it this good.

news bag 003 (Large)

























news bag 008 (Large)


























news bag 014 (Large)


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That was my place out of 6, 848 runners at Around the Bay this year.

I was kind of worried I’d be slower than the last time I ran it due to really not preparing very well this year. I mean, I ran my training runs and everything, but I definitely was not getting the best sleep in the weeks leading up to the race. And I was out for a beer on Thursday and Friday night. And I didn’t start thinking about eating the “right race foods” until Friday afternoon. And then I had cookies. So I think my time was less a result of physical fitness than it was a result of my being unwilling to accept a time slower than my slowest historical time and simply mentally muscling through it in a way that had nothing to do with physical fitness levels, but I will take that and run with it…though probably not for a couple days.

2:27:16 for my new personal best – by a handful of seconds.


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Guest appearance by O

Guys…oven enameling is not working out the way I thought it would. Who wants to sell me a cheap kiln?

In other news, I’m going to piggy-back on Os Clothes for today’s post because I did all the work over at his site and just why shouldn’t I get all the credit?

Happy Friday folks! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get lunch and down a gallon of water in preparation for Around the Bay. Does it work to train and eat like a hardcore pro if you only do it the two days before the race? We’ll find out!

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Down the rabbit hole

Guys. Gals. This is the reason I put off getting into metalwork for so long.

Mayflower Earrings 005 (Medium)

Because there are so many amazing tools. When I started leatherworking in 2008 I thought I would get by with the eight tools I bought for my first class. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot you can do with those eight tools, but there is so much more you can do with a million. Which is, coincidentally, roughly the number of dollars I spent on those tools over the year that followed.

Same deal for metalwork. I bought this dapping set for a lot of projects, but the one in my mind when I committed to it is below.

Mayflower Earrings 004 (Medium)

Oh hi little guys! You would look almost real if you were coloured and curved!

Mayflower Earrings 006 (Medium)

BAM. Witness the power of the dap. We’re halfway there.

Now I’m going to take these guys home and try to enamel them. Cross your fingers that this works on the first try. In the name of botany, let this work on the first try…

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Hot. Harmonies. Hoserisms.

Short and sweet because this day is craaaaaaazy, but I saw Trent Severn in Hamilton on Saturday night and they were amazing.

IMG_0759 (Medium)

Do yourself a favour – go and see them. They’re at the Dakota in Toronto tonight and tomorrow night with Jeremy Fisher who is also always a good time.

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