April 2013

That’s a sketchy design

The size of your sketchbook, with space for a pencilcase, your wallet and maybe a few other things. Not your phone though. And definitely not your laptop. Are you planning to go out sketching or what?

belt and bag 023 (Large)

This is some of the best leather I have ever worked with. It’s so soft and such a beautiful chocolate brown and dinged up in the best, most Indiana Jones kind of way. It’s begging to be taken camping. Trust it. It can handle the wear and tear. Just pack it along and take it out when you want to go writing or drawing or leaf-pressing one afternoon.

belt and bag 019 (Large)

Hand-stitched with waxed linen thread for long, strong hold. Brass hardware. It can be outfitted with a buckle to be made adjustable but I liked the plain strap for this bag. It’s simple and rustic and fussless.

Belt and bag 050 (Medium)

I have a similar design in mind for a book bag with one added feature. Quick! Tell me some of your favourite CanLit. Otherwise I’m just going to go with Duddy Kravitz and if you don’t like that book (yeah right) you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.

Think about it over the weekend and get back to me.



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A flurry of feathers

I kinda hate symmetry. I mean…it works sometimes, but mostly it seems conspicuous.

Three, seven, nine – I’m feeling you. I buy it. You happen to be odd and it seems legit. Two, four, six on the other hand? Your even-ness is suspicious. Planned. Easy. A little too easy if you know what I mean.

These guys take a cue from my friend Rachel, who always mixes and matches her earrings (or mine when she’s buying them from me) and pulls it off strong. Screw symmetry. I just think odd numbers are more interesting. I like a little lop-sidedness.

Leaves 005 (Medium) (2)

I think you know the drill. Hand-carved brass feathers, hand-filed and polished and strung on handmade brass ear wires.

One, two, three.

Leaves 043 (Large)

Can you tell the ones on the right curve in different directions? It would be so much easier to get shots of earrings if my head were flat or my ears bigger. Ahhhh well. I suppose we can’t have everything…

Leaves 001 (Medium)

…wanna know what we can have though? These earrings. Especially if you live in Halifax, which is where they’ll be the first weekend of May when I’m at Halifax Crafters (PS – yesssssssss I LOVE HALIFAX).

See you on the coast!

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Weekend warrior

Warning – iPhone quality photos ahead. Sorry, I barely had time for a beer this past weekend. Forget about carrying multiple cameras.

First off, I spent all day Friday writing for a contract I’m working on right now. Saturday morning, I woke up before the actual crack of dawn so I could drive, through the rain, to Rockwood to pick up this year’s deer hide at Rebel Tanning.

IMG_0906 (Large)

It’s butter-soft and a beautiful light tan colour and I am paralyzed with indecision over how I’ll ration it out.

As soon as I got back to Hamilton I stopped by the Vintage Marketplace to check out a couple booths in search of a dress for the Ontario Newspaper Awards and found one at at Girl on the Wing (which, by the way, is opening downtown at King and Walnut next month).

From there I ran to Tundra, then home to get ready for Oprah. Did you know Oprah was in Hamilton on Saturday night? She was. I was initially just supposed to cover the event for The Spec but I ended up part of the VIP reception  that took place beforehand and it was wild.  People love that lady like a religious figure.

Anywhooooo, Here’s the story I wrote.

Next! Sunday morning Sean and I drove to Toronto to meet up with these guys.


Untitled (Medium)

















They’re doing a pretty fantastic project you can read about here and see in-person here. I was surprised and psyched to be asked to participate.

IMG_0904 (Large)

Bonus? At the end of the day Sean and Memphis and I had our picture taken.


After that, we went home and had an impromptu kitchen party/BBQ.

IMG_0890 (Medium)Finally, just yesterday Sean and I stacked the books on our new shelves. Sections include fiction, Canadiana, how-to, non-fiction, poetry, plays, art and art history, graphic novels, awesome-kids-books-that-never-get-old-even-when-you-are-technically-an-adult, and writing/grammar.

If anyone knows where I can get those little envelopes and sign-in/out cards they have at the actual library, that would be awesome. I’m seriously running this room like a municipal branch. Bring in photo ID for your library card. Three-week loans. Computer database. If you are late returning shit, you’ll get an automated phone message and then the fines start accruing.

Untitled2 (Medium)

Aaaaaand lastly, just because I think this is an amazing story, check out Tomboy Style right now.



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Light as a feather

Geez Louise, it took me long enough to figure this out, but here FINALLY are some earrings. On ear wires. That I made.

Min feather earrings 2 (Medium)

They’re meant to be feathers and meant to be hanging the other way, but the quills were too narrow to drill a hole at that end, so I flipped them.

Mini feather earrings 3 (Large)

Super light. Feels like flying. Be on the lookout for more earrings now that I’ve got a handle on this mess.

Mini feather earrings 1 (Medium)

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Indoor voices, please

Remember this?

It’s not getting any better. Even the pantry is full of books.

IMG_0827 (Large)

Fortunately, this past weekend was the one we’ve all been waiting for. SHELF DAY.

In the span of a single Sunday, the apprentice of a friend came in and built us some floor-to-ceiling oak action.Just in time too, since I already have two more to add to the pile – picked up at gritLIT.

I’m sorry these pictures are phone-quality, but you get the idea…

IMG_0830 (Medium)

Sean and I have been staining since Monday night. They’re almost completely done now except for the upper row of shelves which is too high to reach without a ladder.

IMG_0834 (Large)

Now all I need is a Masterpiece Theatre chair, a pipe and maybe a monocle. Library cards and a date stamp. Definitely a Necronomicon, preferably of the OG Evil Dead era, and I wouldn’t turn down an Auryn-embossed book either. Also a rolling ladder.

IMG_0832 (Large)

GUYS. I can barely bear it. The Corktown Memorial Library…

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