May 2013

Bag lady

New bag! Same design asĀ this (which I also made another of), but only the one picture because the light in here is awful and I haven’t been able to get any shots since I took this one last week.


bag 148 (Medium)

Hope to get some online Monday.

Anywhoooo my weekend is set to play out in the sports section where I’m spending my days at the Spec right now. So far it’s been awesome. I got to cover a soccer game yesterday which made me misty-eyed for the days I played soccer. Geeez, did I play socccer. Rec soccer, high school, soccer, competitive soccer. Where is all the soccer in my life these days? I love you, soccer. Let’s get together again, ok?

Tomorrow I’m going to run The Punisher and write about it. This was initially going to be a straight-up piece, but then my editor suggested running it and I said HECK YEAH even though I thought he was joking and now I’m going to be out there tomorrow morning.

I’m kind of pumped it’s going to rain because the element I deal worst with when running is the heat. Hopefully there will be enough water to keep cool.

After that, I’m going to cover the Bouldering World Cup at Gravity. If you missed out on tix to watch this, they’re relreasing an extra 50 tonight. Otherwise, you can watch from the parking lot where they’re setting up a screen, or you can watch the livestream here. Or you can read about it in the papier on Monday.

Happy weekend, hosers!


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Going up the country

Land ho, readers. Want to take a little trip?

Sean and I bought some land a few months back, but the real estate agent was useless and the road into it was snowed out until about a month ago, so we’d never laid eyes on it until we went up over the long weekend to finally check it out and meet the neighbs.

We took a crack team of explorers along for backup (Robert, Elysia, Jane and Doug) and hit the highway outta Hamilton.

photo 2 (Large)


SAM_3800 (Large)


SAM_3802 (Large)


SAM_3795 (Medium)



SAM_3711 (Medium)


Going into land exploration, we didn’t really know the lines of our parcel, so we spent a while kicking around the bush, looking for these little survey stakes.

SAM_3717 (Medium)

Fortunately there were a ton of ATV trails cut through our chunk so it was easier to get around than I thought it would be. I’d imagined us bushwhacking like crazy.

Robert! Stake this!

SAM_3790 (Large)

Now that we’re all sweaty, let’s jump in the lake.

007 (Medium)

What’s that you say? This lake was frozen three weeks ago? Ooooooohhhh…

016 (Medium)

Makes sense.

SAM_3714 (Large)


























SAM_3725 (Large)


























SAM_3740 (Medium)

SAM_3746 (Large)

The water isn’t ours, but it might as well be. Cross 100 feet of crown land from the edge of our property and you’re in it.

Also, you would not believe how pine-fresh and fantastic this joint smells.

SAM_3748 (Large)


























SAM_3752 (Large)


























SAM_3758 (Large)

























SAM_3762 (Large)


























SAM_3761 (Large)


























SAM_3763 (Large)

And did I mention the road in is lined with trilliums? Trillium? Trillia? Trillions of them.

SAM_3765 (Large)

























FEWF, being a pioneer is hard work. Let’s have a cigar and a fire!

SAM_3770 (Medium)



SAM_3773 (Medium)

Ahhhhhhhh that’s more like it.

Anywhoooo, it was a quick trip up and back, but we finally got to have a look around the place and see what’s ours and I love it, love it, love it. Next order of business? Build an outhouse and drag the trailer up there.

We hope to eventually build something more permenant, but it’s probably going to be a while…a long while. In the meantime, home sweet home! It’s where the tent is.

SAM_3745 (Medium)


























































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Here, there, everywhere

This post is going to be as scattered as my brain today, ready? BUCKLE UP.

Last night were the Hamilton Arts Awards. This event gets even better every year. This time they were at Theatre Aquarius, which reminded me how much I miss plays and made me wonder why the heck I don’t see more with that beauty venue right in my hood. I think I’m going to use some of my winnings for a season’s pass.

That’s right – I won for emerging writer alongside local poet, musician, writer of fiction and all-around talented Hamiltonian Gary Barwin. You can see our pic (and those of the other winners) here. I feel very lucky to have been chosen as Gary’s running mate. It was pretty awesome.

Sadly, because I am an idiot, I didn’t get pictures of any of the performances from Sara London, HAVN, BlueStoneCloud or What the Folk, but do check them all out online.

I did get pictures of Keiley Stewart‘s animal heads because I have loved them for ages and was so pumped to be able to wear them.

IMG_1291 (Large)

IMG_1315 (Large)

IMG_1319 (Large)

Stephanie Vegh (ED of the Hamilton Arts Council and one of the many people who helped put the night together) raises a glass at the end of the night. Thanks to her and to everyone else involved. It was a great night, once again this year.

PS – bonus video that was supposed to be a photo…


NEXT AND WITHOUT SEGUE. I bought some amazing green leather dirt-cheap.

IMG_1277 (Large)

Can’t wait to make stuff from it. What do you want made from it? A Ninja Turtle shell? Done.

If you see this Sombrio hoodie kicking around the streets of Hamilton on anyone but Sean, it was stolen from Bike Hounds yesterday – when Sean opened on a normally closed day so he could help anyone taking part in Bike to Work day.

IMG_1283 (Large)

Please accost the perp if you see him. Or simply tweet as Sean or I and we’ll drop what we’re doing to serve justice.

In dog news, Memphis still hates his Halti and I still love it. This thing has turned him into the best dog ever on walks. Sure, he’s kinda depressed and like a lobotomized version of himself, but at least he’s not ripping my arm off, so I count it as a win.

IMG_1282 (Large)

The end because doodie calls.




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Happy May 2-4, ya hosers

We broke our “for-the-love-of-god-don’t-leave-home-on-a-long-weekend” rule to leave the house on a long weekend. Don’t worry though – we only had to deal with the ridic May 2-4 traffic and none of the loud, overpriced, crowded May 2-4 campsites.

Why? Becuase we just closed the deal on a dream, rounding out the trifecta of things I’ve always wanted and never thought I would have in real life.

I got the massage in Cuba. I was given the panini grill for Christmas. We bought the land two months ago.

photo 2

Stay tuned for more pictures.



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Go north young man

Want to know why I’m so excited today? Besides the holiday weekend and the fact that the LCBO didn’t strike? Because a box full of Crown Land is winging its way to Whitehorse where it’ll live at The Collective Good.

The shop is soon-to-open and the goods at The Good (hand-picked by owner Jen Williams) are AMAZING.

For instance…


These porcelain mason jars from Heyday Design.

bread tab

This bread tab table from Paul Gort.


And Wendy Tancock‘s awesome cards.

I’m sending up a few canoe necklaces (both designs) and a half a dozen flasks. Perfect for camping under the midnight sun.

IMG_1178 (Medium)

IMG_1179 (Large)

IMG_1180 (Large)

Very happy to be among such amazing artists.

Now. Speaking of camping…enjoy the long weekend! I certainly plan to.



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