June 2013

Tippin’ the scales

Sorry for the emptiness around these internets – the outernets have been busier than I could have imagined. .

When I first quit my part-time job to focus on art and writing (when was that…2009 maybe? 2010?), my studio was in the house.

Because work was always at my toetips (truly – my table was at the end of the bed), I would work, work, work towards deadlines at a breakneck pace. When there was one on the horizon, I busted butt, 16 hours a day, seven days a week, figuring I had to rip it up that way to make a proper living.

Afterwards, once the deadlines passed, I was unable to move. I couldn’t even slack properly by watching movies or hanging out at bars or gardening or anything.

Some days those days I could only stare at walls, where there was a single colour and no other creative stimulation.

Some days these days I feel that way again – like I just need to stare at the wall with the handful of minutes left before bed.

(This is not at all to say I’m not enjoying myself. I am, in a huuuuge way. Too much, which is why I’m feeling so burnt. If I hated what I was doing, I’d be putting way less effort into it. It’s because  I love it – the early morning writing, the work-a-day writing, the studio afternoons and evenings – that I’m funnelling everything towards it)

This is a roundabout way of saying – BALANCE. It’s a good thing to keep in mind. I tell it to myself more often than I do it, but not last weekend.

Last weekend we took a break last weekend and went camping at Depot Lakes.

So I have no new work to show off, but I have a million and one ideas I hope to put to metal and leather and maybe even canvas this weekend.

If you’re still there, So am I.

But not till next week.

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Something old, something new, something borrowed and some loot

When I was assigned this story yesterday, I expected to get a few phone calls from people who thought the brides were rude and a handful of emails from people who were upset that The Spec considered the story front-page news.

Boy, was I wrong. Comments are going wild on TheSpec.com, TheStar.ca and Fark, and Kathy Mason was on KLiteFM this morning.

What the what?


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Home sweet home

I like to spend time daydreaming about our one-day cabin (also about ever having the time to build it).

This site is helping.

I think this first one is do-able and I am basing that opinion on zero construction knowledge/experience.






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City WHOA-ter Hotel

When I first saw it, I loved the City Motor Hotel. The 1950s sign was massive and spectacular and I looked for excuses to drive east so I could stare at it.

IMG_1439 (Large)

The property was a little run-down. I didn’t realize just how much – not when I was new to Hamilton – but the phrase most commonly tossed around was “hotbed for drugs and prostitution.”

The city expropriated it last year and Molly Hayes wrote an ONA-winning story about it.

Yesterday they finally took possession and I spent the last two days at the hotel.

You can read about it here and here. Be sure to click through all the photos in each link because they’re great.

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Want to know what I’d be buying if I was buying right now? Let’s take a look!


This print of Lisa Toth‘s is what I like to imagine my hair looks like after I go swimming. You know, rather than the rat’s nest it likely is.


LeighLaLovesYou. She also loves Bill Murray. So do I (PS I just realized this wasn’t really Bill Murray and it made me sad because I really felt like were were becoming pals, but this Twitter account is pretty hilarious even if it is a heartbreaking lie), so I guess it makes sense I love her.


Old Amy needs a new pair of shoes and they look like these ones from Needlehead Crafts in Edmonton.


File this in the “I’m totally mental” category. I barely ever go to fancy functions and when I do, I never wear long dresses. But I keep seeing myself swanning around in this beauty, drinking glasses of wine in a crumbling chateau, maybe wearing some ridic fur stole and dipping my hands into ornate fountains (Gore Park?). What I’m saying here is “Atonement.” I can almost believe I could have K. Knight’s Atonement life (pre-complete-disaster or course) in this dress from Nelli Uzun.


For chopp-UNH…choppin’ broccoli-hi-hi-hi hiiiiii! From Woodink.

Sidenote: Lorne Michaels, what gives? You’re doing no one any favours by keeping SNL and KITH skits off YouTube. This is the way of things. Live in the now.


This appeals to the teenage goth I would have been if I’d lived in a bigger city with more emo stores and enough black and velvet clothing to facilitate such a life(undead?)style . Aquatory.


This dress is long gone, but Vera Vague is always updating with awesome shit.


And because summer wouldn’t be complete without me pining for the heaviest winter wear, I’m dying for these flannel-lined jeans from Eddie Bauer. EDDIE – PLEASE BRING THEM BACK THIS FALL.

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