Depot delay

This is old news by now but we went camping at the Depot Lakes again this year. It was, as always, awesome.

The night we rolled into the conservation area, it was super foggy.

SAM_3893 (Medium)

But by the following morning it was nice again and Sean made breakfast for everyone.

Cheese, eggs, pitas, coffee!

SAM_3906 (Medium)

Breakfast of champions. We needed it for all the activities of the day.

Saddle up the dog! We’re going in the water!

SAM_3914 (Medium)

Oh, Ahh-qua Bar. If you’ve never spent a day in one of these, you’re not really enjoying life.

All year long I wait for the day when I get to sit in these floating chairs in the lake, with a cold beer in the arm rest.

SAM_3929 (Large)

SAM_3961 (Large)

There were fine cigars left over from Cuba, followed by a short row out to the cliffs…

SAM_3978 (Medium)

Jane was the most brave and jumped off first.

We only went off the low shelf this year because Jane learned a lesson for all of us last year when she went off the high shelf and landed in a rear-injuring position.

SAM_3985 (Medium)

SAM_3986 (Medium)


SAM_3994 (Medium)

SAM_3920 (Large)

I got this awesome swimsuit here and I’ll never own another. When this thing turns to threads I’m taking it to a seamstress to have another one made. Did I mention there are shorts under the skirt? IT’S MY DREAM SUIT.

SAM_3932 (Medium)

Till next year, site!

This weekend? Hillside!


  1. Jane
    July 25, 2013 - Reply


  2. COR!
    July 26, 2013 - Reply

    Benj – you are a fashion plate. The suit rocks and is so you. Love the photo of you with the head scarf and drink.
    Love you!

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