August 2013


I’ve been AWOL. One of the reasons is Supercrawl prep, including a fundraiser that’s taking place next Wednesday August 28.

What’s that? Oh, you’re right! That IS also my birthday! And in case you didn’t know what to get me, all I want is Supercrawl funding, so this works out perfectly.

We’ll begin at the beginning though…

A couple weeks ago, Tate, at The Ship, was kind enough to host a brewing party. Tate and Brandi and Victor were instrumental in the brewing process. I was there to buy breakfast and hand things to people since I’d never done this before. Sean brought the hops he’s been growing in our yard.

IMG_1887 (Medium)

For the beer nerds out there, we used a mix of Zeus and Santiam hops as well as a whole lotta barley.

IMG_1873 (Large)

Because the hops were wet, grinding them up was a bit harder than if they’d been dry, but we managed.

PS they smelled AMAZING.

IMG_1891 (Large)

Then they all got tossed into the Braumeister.

IMG_1874 (Large)




























It’s more complicated than a slow cooker, but not much…

IMG_1901 (Large)

IMG_1876 (Large)

IMG_1911 (Large)

IMG_1914 (Large)

IMG_1919 (Large)

Throughout, the Braumeister bleeps and boops at you to do different things. At the end, when the little screen tells you “cheers,” VOILA YOU HAVE BEER.

Well, almost.

After that it sits and gets sugared and yeasted and all the other things that make it splendid over time.

But we still did a little taste-test.

IMG_1931 (Large)

MIGHTY FINE, says Victor.

STOP HOGGING, says Brandi.

So, to recap, this little hombrew that could (dubbed Curatori-ale) will be tapped at The Ship Wednesday August 28. Proceeds go to support the Supercrawl Curatorial Committee. We’ll also be taking donations at the door, if you’re inclined to chip in.


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This is behind the times, but we went to Hillside a couple weeks ago.

It was a good time. I have to day though, not as awesome as uje.

I feel like this is maybe because of the number of acts I’d seen before? Normally the beauty of Hillside is that I get my mind completely blown by a handful of new bands I’ve never heard before – Canailles, the Abrams Brothers, Elephant Revival, Bright Light Social Hour. That didn’t really happen so much this year. There were a couple, but not the same.

My faves for 2013 were the Walkervilles and Shane Koyczan (who captivated the island tent with spoken word. Nice work, guy).


IMG_1759 (Large)





















IMG_1774 (Large)

Fish tacos from Salsateria were another highlight. Seriously. I keep thinking about them.

Ditto this lemur.

IMG_1785 (Large)

I like the sounds of Sarah Neufeld‘s new album.

IMG_1775 (Large)

And, as always, the sounds of the Sunday morning gospel hour.

IMG_1773 (Large)

‘Til next year, Hillside.

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