September 2013

Pressure’s on!

It’s always flattering when someone emails me to ask about working on a wedding gift (or any kind of gift) – especially when it’s one half of the couple gift-giving to the other half.

That happened just a few weeks ago when Monica requested a strap for her soon-to-be husband who plays in Beard. She wanted something a little like the Dan Romano strap I did, but less country.

NIgel Strap1 (Large)

It’s similar to the Robert Service belt.

Nigel Strap 2 (Large)

She emailed just the other day to say it was a hit with her man, so FEWF! Look for it to make an appearance at an upcoming Beard show. I certainly will. From the dirty to the sleazy to the slide, these guys are quite up my alley.


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Change it up

Making some new change purses and billfolds these days. Here are some of the purses…

IMG_3415 (Medium)

IMG_3424 (Large)

IMG_3431 (Medium)

The billfolds, I’m waiting on until Tuesday because on Monday I am picking up the INDUSTRIAL SEWING MACHINE THAT WILL CHANGE MY LIFE.

I’ve been wanting one for ages, but they’re usually sooooo pricey, even used.

Thanks, once again, to the good folks at Tundra, I got an affordable line on an awesome tool. I can’t wait to pick it up. You know when you kind of daydream about things as you’re waiting to fall asleep? The last two nights I’ve daydreamed about sitting at the machine – not even finishing things, just sewing straight lines into leather – and it’s been so exciting I can’t fall asleep.

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Supercrawl 2013

If you haven’t heard about it yet, I can only assume you hate art. This little festival, which started out as a single block shut-down on a single evening in the pouring October rain, is basically gaining its own consciousness. Like Skynet, but good.

This year, the fifth anniversary year, Supercrawl stretched all the way down James North and spanned Friday evening and Saturday. As such, the curatorial committee basically lived on JSN from Wednesday to Sunday of last week, prepping installations.

Want to see some of what went on?

Connor Bennett and Kearon Roy Taylor of HAVN installed this piece on the roof of Mixed Media at JSN and Cannon.

IMG_2181 (Large)

IMG_2195 (Large)

We had these moving LED sculptures from Brooklyn-based artists Jason Krugman and Patrick Paine.

IMG_2197 (Medium)

IMG_2200 (Large)

IMG_2217 (Large)

The Burlington Slam Project brought its winning brand of poetry to the street…

IMG_2204 (Large)





























These fences from Erika James…

Fences (Large)

This sweet piece from Sarah Beck and Shlomi Greenspan


That image is lifted from Supercrawl’s twitter account because it’s way better than what I got on my phone.

The stage was outfitted with cafe tables as though a comedy set was about to begin. Surprise! Never did. And I took great joy in watching people sit, wait, then understand what was going on. Most people laughed. I only noted one woman who was upset she had been duped.

Another of my faves (and it’s super washed out in this picture…I’m looking for better ones online) was Elinor Whidden‘s Canadian Shield Colour Field.

I love all her work (check her website – it’s awesome) and this was no exception. Light boxes powered by a pick-up featured Rothko-esque close-ups of tail lights.

Only downside to this piece came while coiling extension cords at the end of the night and realizing people had pissed all over them. Honest to god, crawlers, there are outhouses all over the street. You don’t need to wizz on the art.

IMG_2215 (Large)

Roy Caussy’s SMOKELIFE

IMG_2227 (Large)

And, of course, another fave was BGL‘s Carrousel.

These guys are amazing. In between installing this wicked piece on Friday night and operating it Saturday afternoon, they made a pitch for a Pan-Am installation and won, so watch for that. Pretty sure it will blow your mind, just like all their stuff.

IMG_2206 (Large)

All in all, great success.

Numbers aren’t officially in yet, but I think it’s safe to say there were over 100, 000 people downtown Friday and Saturday. I definitely noticed a difference from last year’s 80, 000.

IMG_2212 (Medium)

So way to go, city.  And if you’re interested in submitting work for 2014, we’re already looking for it.

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We went back up to the land a few weeks ago, in part to test our new bathroom! You may remember the old one?

SAM_4148 (Large)

Now it’s this!

SAM_4150 (Large)

Sean was also pretty psyched to use five different chainsaws that recently made their way into his hands.

SAM_4147 (Large)

And we carved out some trail action…

SAM_4164 (Large)

Also, a firepit…

IMG_1822 (Large)

Oh! And we went to meet our new neighbs in real life! I e-met Angela and Kyle when I was writing this story and was floored to find out they just bought property across the bay from us – immediately after we bought our parcel around the same time they’d been trying to offer on it.

Things worked out for the best though. As soon as we bought our slice, they scored a massive, private area perfect for the eco-resort they’re opening in the spring!

Here’s some of their sweet, secret property…

SAM_4161 (Large)

SAM_4151 (Large)

SAM_4152 (Medium)

No guarantees on whether or not this guy will still be there, but check him out! He’s amazing…

SAM_4162 (Large)

Next time we go up, my list includes clearing away the brush at the base of our own private bouldering wall…

SAM_4171 (Large)

It’s a good 12 feet I’d say, and runs diagonally across the parcel.

Look for more shots of Land: Autumn Edition sometime near the end of September.

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