Supercrawl 2013

If you haven’t heard about it yet, I can only assume you hate art. This little festival, which started out as a single block shut-down on a single evening in the pouring October rain, is basically gaining its own consciousness. Like Skynet, but good.

This year, the fifth anniversary year, Supercrawl stretched all the way down James North and spanned Friday evening and Saturday. As such, the curatorial committee basically lived on JSN from Wednesday to Sunday of last week, prepping installations.

Want to see some of what went on?

Connor Bennett and Kearon Roy Taylor of HAVN installed this piece on the roof of Mixed Media at JSN and Cannon.

IMG_2181 (Large)

IMG_2195 (Large)

We had these moving LED sculptures from Brooklyn-based artists Jason Krugman and Patrick Paine.

IMG_2197 (Medium)

IMG_2200 (Large)

IMG_2217 (Large)

The Burlington Slam Project brought its winning brand of poetry to the street…

IMG_2204 (Large)





























These fences from Erika James…

Fences (Large)

This sweet piece from Sarah Beck and Shlomi Greenspan


That image is lifted from Supercrawl’s twitter account because it’s way better than what I got on my phone.

The stage was outfitted with cafe tables as though a comedy set was about to begin. Surprise! Never did. And I took great joy in watching people sit, wait, then understand what was going on. Most people laughed. I only noted one woman who was upset she had been duped.

Another of my faves (and it’s super washed out in this picture…I’m looking for better ones online) was Elinor Whidden‘s Canadian Shield Colour Field.

I love all her work (check her website – it’s awesome) and this was no exception. Light boxes powered by a pick-up featured Rothko-esque close-ups of tail lights.

Only downside to this piece came while coiling extension cords at the end of the night and realizing people had pissed all over them. Honest to god, crawlers, there are outhouses all over the street. You don’t need to wizz on the art.

IMG_2215 (Large)

Roy Caussy’s SMOKELIFE

IMG_2227 (Large)

And, of course, another fave was BGL‘s Carrousel.

These guys are amazing. In between installing this wicked piece on Friday night and operating it Saturday afternoon, they made a pitch for a Pan-Am installation and won, so watch for that. Pretty sure it will blow your mind, just like all their stuff.

IMG_2206 (Large)

All in all, great success.

Numbers aren’t officially in yet, but I think it’s safe to say there were over 100, 000 people downtown Friday and Saturday. I definitely noticed a difference from last year’s 80, 000.

IMG_2212 (Medium)

So way to go, city.  And if you’re interested in submitting work for 2014, we’re already looking for it.

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