November 2013


It snowed in Hamilton on Saturday.

There wasn’t a ton of it, but enough that it felt like winter beginning.  Enough that I pulled out my winter coats (and found $10 and my favourite Rare Specimens earrings – lost since last February).

On Sunday morning the snow was patchy, but there, and it was a beautiful kind of cold you want to be out in.

So we took Memphis exploring on the Bruce Trail behind our house.

IMG_2814 (Large)

IMG_2815 (Large)

IMG_2813 (Large)

IMG_2822 (Large)

IMG_2825 (Large)

IMG_2828 (Large)

IMG_2829 (Large)

Dear winter, you are fresh and new and cozy. Don’t screw it up with gale-force winds or ice on my porch steps.

Thank you.

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When we went cycling through the eastern provinces a couple years ago, we happened upon an amazing microbrewery on the shores of St. Lawrence.

It was a beautiful sunny day and we had a glorious tailwind and we were giddy and making good time and then this brewery popped up out of nowhere and made the day extra perfect. The only way it would have been better is if we’d had one of these strapped to our butts so we could have carried the party to the campsite.

Growler 012 (Large)

I’m mostly pumped about this design due to its bike trip potential, but it also works if you’re going to re-fill a growler at your local brewery, or if you’re hauling one to a party.

Growler 006 (Large)

Growler 002 (Large)

I have to say, I’m quite proud of this design. I’m usually the worst at patterns and I end up making a ton of mistakes in the process of trying something new and I have to MacGyver the prototype to make salvage it. Not so in this case. The first one I made was true to the idea in my head, ended up being fully functional and has served as the unaltered pattern for all the rest.

Soon to make appearances at Halifax Crafters and City of Craft!

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Hide and cyc

Just a quick and fuzzy update here. I wish I had better shots, but I was shipping these off when I took the photos and now they’re in Yukon, so a bit difficult to organize re-takes.

bikes (Medium)

I think I’m going to do up some more though, so look for them in the shop soon.

Note on that – it’s woefully understocked right now, but I’m funnelling all my studio hours into prepping for City of Craft and Halifax Crafters. Once I get back from both of those, I’ll be filling the shop to the brim.

Unless I sell out at both shows. Which wouldn’t be too bad a problem to have.

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Slim pickings

For years, various guys in my life have been asking for a slim wallet.

No, slim. No, slimmer. No slimmest.

Hilariously, this request usually comes from those who carry no less than 56 cards in their wallets at all times. In the past, I’ve suggested the thickness comes not from the wallet, but the amount of shit in it, but it’s like talking to a wall.

So I made a few. This leather happens to be the PERFECT thickness and texture for it and I’m hoping I can get more…

IMG_2493 (Large)


































Of course it’s tagged!

IMG_3735 (Medium)

IMG_3739 (Medium)

And, because who can think about wallets at a time like this, check it. Most of this you likely already know, but it’s still stunning to see it all in one spot.

My favourite takeaway is that Ford really seems to believe some sort of magical power comes with being mayor – one where whatever he says is law as soon as it comes out of his mouth.

Also, congrats Lynn Coady!

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Tagging (the legal kind)

I finally ordered a couple custom leatherstamps and oh. My. My.

IMG_3720 (Medium)


IMG_2478 (Medium)

How does this elevate things? Let me count the ways.

I’m not really going to do that, count I mean, but am I right? I’m  so obsessed with tags, I tagged this iPad sleeve with two…

IMG_3741 (Large)

IMG_3743 (Large)

IMG_3747 (Medium)

I love them. Want some tags? I’ll send you tags. I cut about a thosand yesterday. You can sew them in your hats and shirts and underwear!

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