December 2013

Break time

Hope everyone is having a great holiday.

I’m drinking lots of warm things and wearing layers of wool and resolving to become a better knitter because I’d like to stop paying for the layers of wool.

Also, a custom order I did recently sparked some interest so I’m going to make more (including smaller ones for earrings and rings and necklaces because travelling with a bag of those suuuuucks).

I wish these shots were my own, but they’re care of Mike DeAngelis…

Roll1 (Medium)

Roll 2 (Medium)

Roll 3 (Medium)

Roll 4 (Medium)

Made from the best waxed leather going.

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Send in the brass

All necklaces. All the time.

Ok, not all the time. But definitely today, starting with the Rockies necklace…

purses 026 (Large)

The Laurel necklace…

purses 050 (Large)

A variation on the Laurel…

purses 034 (Large)

The Mike Myers necklace…

Mike Myers

And the Hoser…


They’re all heading to Toronto with me tomorrow for City of Craft. See you there?

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Head over hides in love

Some new patterns get me super excited and tripping over my own two feet – this is one of them.

It’s really simple and made of the most beautiful brown leather and outfitted with solid hardware and I can’t stop making it.

I started with just a pencil case…

IMG_2806 (Large)

…then I thought, this would be a great purse if it was a little bigger…

IMG_2850 (Large)

…then I thought, or it could be a clutch.

IMG_3083 (Large)

I’ll have a handful of these of me at City of Craft this Saturday and Sunday, so make your way down. There’s soooooo much good stuff at this show. I know there are a lot of Christmas craft markets on right now, but trust me when I say you should make some space in your sked for this one.


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Leaf me alone. I’m sleeping.

Next week I’m going to post pictures of the some of the more recent things I’ve been working on for Christmas shows like Halifax and City of Craft.

Today though, I’m quite psyched to show off what someone else has been working on – the most magnificent quilt you ever saw.

IMG_3023 (Large)

Sean’s Grandma has been working on this since spring. She was using an awesome pattern, but she made it even more awesome by switching it up and making some executive decisions.

She used slightly psychedelic material for the coloured portion of the trees and (this is the best part) she found faux wood grain fabric for the trunks.

IMG_3022 (Large)

Whhhhhhhaaaaaaat? That’s right.

I actually woke up in the middle of the first night we used it and just stared at it for a while. All I want to do it stare at it. How did we, in the space of a single month, go from the dumpiest sleeping experience in the world (detailed at the bottom of this post), to sleeping like kings?

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Two bits

Two new unrelated things.

First, I’ve got a story in The Walrus this winter. It’s about Canada and it’s about comic books. If you have an interest in both/either, pick up their double winter issue and hopefully you’ll like the piece. The story I wrote about blew my mind to bits when I first heard about it.


Second, I just love this video. Haven’t watched the whole film yet, but the trailer is cool.

I expect the things I buy to last forever. I expect the things I make to do the same. I’m with Patagonia on this.

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