January 2014


Just a couple quickes.

A thin little licorice whip of a belt I made last week – waiting to be sized to any wasit.

IMG_4207 (Medium)

Aaaaaand a hip belt. This one is the same design as the pencil case and swing lock purses I’ve been making, only a bit smaller and with a snap closure.

IMG_4211 (Medium) (2)

Last week was not super studio heavy (I think I had time to get in and make one pair of earrings) but this week I hope to make up for it. Especially since I finally bought some copper to practice setting stones in rings.

Cross your fingers – my success/failure at this will set the mood of joy/fury for the week!

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Knit nights

Do you like how this has turned into a wool blog instead of a leather blog now? PS – I have plans to combine them.

ANYWHOOOO, I screwed up the first sweater I was working on (well…not screwed up exactly, just made it too small to fit me), but the second…ok, it has its problems too. However, I still love it and have been wearing it every day since I finished it.

IMG_3504 (Medium)

I’m dying to make another one, but went pretty hard on this guy (with an assist from the middle of the night, 12 gallons of tea and a load of Oscar-nominated films) so am giving my hands a chance to rest.


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Snow Day

Today is a snow day in Hamilton. I’m always glad to see that. Kids need to have snow days. Man, adults need to have snow days. They are never NOT magic.

Yesterday was a bit of a snow day too (even though no one got off work or school because of it). Everything was gray, but glorious, so we went for a dog walk…

IMG_4255 (Large)

IMG_4221 (Large)

IMG_4218 (Large)

IMG_4226 (Medium)

IMG_4234 (Large)

I love days like yesterday. It was cold and windless and the snow hasn’t turned the colour of exhaust yet so it’s all still beautiful and refreshing to be out in it.

I drank a million hot drinks and knitted another sweater and watched a movie and went outside and shovelled snow and walked around. I also fantasized about our not-yet-built shack in the woods being built and warmed by way of a rocket mass heater, so we can both sit in front of it, wearing canvas overalls and sticks in our hair and dirt under our fingernails and cozy all over.

The time is going to come when I get dead sick of winter, but I’m not there yet.


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Love at first sight

Just a single quick link.

I loved these treats when they arrived on the scene in the 90s. After they were discontinued (or so I thought), I spent years searching for them, hoping to find a single store that still carried them.

When I met Sean in 2005 and found out he lived a block from what was (as far as I knew) the only store in the world that still carried them, I knew it was love (ok, yeah, Sean was cute, smart, cycled, sense of humour, liked music, all that, but like…I’m just being honest here).

After all our years together, my ode to the sour cream glazed chocolate Timbit.


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Cozy up

Right off the bat I’m going to apologize for the quality of these pictures. I took them with my phone. My actual camera is at the studio because I am lazy about carrying it back and forth. So ready your eyes for some sub-par visuals.

In my quest to live in wool, I’ve been wokring my way through Good Night Day‘s knitting patterns. So far I’ve done a couple of her Belleville shawls, this one with merino from Handknit Yarn Studio

IMG_3290 (Large)

IMG_3456 (Large)

Two Pembroke tanks (though one was scandalous in its mistakes ie: low cut everything so you only get to see the success)

IMG_3439 (Large)

And a cowl to use up the leftovers from both of these projects.

IMG_3428 (Large)

This week I’m working on the Kingston sweater and I have to say, I am unfazed by the instructions. Undaunted. Dauntless! Daunt-free! Without daunting of any sort. Negative daunt count. Does this mean I’m getting better at this? I like to think so, which is huge because knitting has intimidated me for decades.

Look here and picture my head in the centre of this circle…

IMG_3465 (Large)

It’s going to happen!

If I can do it, with all its math and psycho stitches, you can do too. Even if you don’t like wool. Learn how and I’ll keep all the things you make, deal? Deal.

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