February 2014

Ena-melting my heart

I’ve been extra into enamel this past week. There was a bit of a learning curve with some of the more difficult things (starting with the fact that to “counter enamel” is just enamelling the backside. Why you gotta be so fancy with yer complicated terms, jewellery techniques?), but I think I’ve got the basics down now.

I did some simple stuff, like making this Citadel Hill necklace turquoise…

Citadel Hill enamel 3 (Large)

And I did something a little more complicated, which required multiple firings and pushing powdered glass around with a dry paintbrush to get the effect of craters…

Astronomy Necklace 3 (Large)

Both are in the shop right now.

I also did a coat of arms, but cracked the COUNTER ENAMEL, so kept it for myself…

IMG_3703 (Large)

Them’s the perks. That and getting to bring this dogbag to work with me every day.

IMG_3733 (Medium)


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I spent a good chunk of hours yesterday failing at making a ring, so I was pretty overjoyed when enamelling turned out to be easy.

FEWF, the day was not a total waste. And, I have to say, I am OBSESSED. It’s so fast and easy to get awesome results with this thing. The colour is soooooo vibrant and shiny and I want to eat these limey earrings.

First, this thing heats up in about ten minutes and warning – for a little kiln, it gets mighty hot. I burned quite a few things yesterday. Fortunately my hands are like sandpaper (downside to that being I usually can’t touch my own clothes without snagging them) so I’m injury-free today.

IMG_3678 (Large)

I wish I had a shot of them staright out of the fire becase they looked brown and then faded to this gorgeous green.

IMG_3679 (Large)

IMG_3687 (Large)

I already want a bigger kiln so I can do this camp cutlery set…

IMG_3689 (Large)

Colour and metal married! It’s so exciting to me, I actually dreamed of it enamelling last night. Just mixing different colours. The thrill of a night time.




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Etsy lovin’

Wonder what I’ve been coveting on Etsy these days? TOO BAD. That’s what we’re talking about today…

Etsy cloud dress

This cloud dress is from Dream Nation and satisfies all of my sky clothing fantasies – born of having read this book at a young and impressionable (though obviously not very teachable since I still want the dress even though taking the sky out of the sky causes drought in the story) age.

Etsy clutch

I guess I’m all about the ‘scapes, including this clutch from Chocolate Creative.

Etsy coat

This is a landscape of my heart. Plaid. Wool. Sensible only in a 70s kind of way. From Zwzzy.

Etsy fin

Hate sharks. Love this shark ring from The Rogue and the Wolf.

Etsy jar

I’ve probably posted things from One Wintry Night before, but there’s a reason for that and the reason is awesome.

Etsy shoes

I could be an elf if I had these shoes from Tamar Shalem.

Etsy suit

I got to write about Gattina Designs for the Spec a couple weeks ago. This is my fave of her suits. RACY.

I blame American Hustle for making me think I can wear it.

Etsy surf

Because I need more art to crowd my walls with. From Francha Cavitt.

Etsy table

Cassette Tape-ble from 214 Grafitti. How will I get this here from LA? ROAD TRIP. That’s how.

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Mail call

IMG_4342 (Medium)

Well hello! I think I know what you are…

IMG_4331 (Large)

IMG_4352 (Large)

IMG_4347 (Large)

IMG_4357 (Large)

It’s about to get colourful up in here – I just ordered a kiln and some enamelling equipment.

Can I tell you how long I’ve been dying to enamel? Can you guess how long I’ve been dying to enamel? FOREVER. That’s approximately how long.  Longer even than I’ve wanted to be able to set stones because have you ever held an enamelled piece of copper in your hand? It’s warm and bright and beautiful and kind of like holding a star.

Stay tuned…

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Back to school

I’m already planning alterations to this, but here’s the prototype…

IMG_4266 (Large)

Not much will change – the straps will be a little thinner and I’m going to cut tabs like these to use for the closure.

IMG_4269 (Large)

Meantime, I’ll conduct a little quality control and use this guy myself!

IMG_4284 (Medium)

It works out pretty perfectly because I’m going back to school! Well…I guess I never really left. I’m always in some sort of class or weekend course or semester-long program because if professional student was a job, I would be student body president. I love school. But I’m going hardcore back to school this year.

I haven’t mentioned this yet, but at the beginning of January, I started at the Humber School for Writers. I’m doing their program in creative writing by correspondence, which means I’m working with a mentor (uuuummmmmm David Adams Richards – can I get a boo-fucking-ya?) on a draft of a novel.

So far I love it and I feel like it’s good prep for this.

Oh yes, after being rejected (and toooooootally depressed about it) by Guelph’s MFA a few years ago, I was flat-out shocked to be accepted into UBCs MFA in creative writing. My ultra official letter arrived yesterday, meaning not only has the program accepted my writing, the school has accepted my marks. FEWF.

So. Even though this is all virtual learning (except for a short summer residency at UBC) and I don’t actually need this backpack to lug things around campus while wearing my PJs and bedhead and signs of a frosh week hangover, I’m keeping it. I need something to carry my laptop from the bed to the couch.



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