March 2014

The rad(io)dest

If you’re at all interested in hearing me talk for an hour, I was recently a guest on Power DriveĀ  – a web series on CIUT 89.5 FM.

I ran into its host a few weeks back. I was walking home from the market and he was walking around what would soon to be his new hometown. He asked for directions and we started talking and wham – we’re both journalists.

Next thing you know I’m booked on his radio show.

If an hour is too much of my voice (I certainly think it is), skip to the end. That’s where I loosen up and dispense some invaluable life lessons like “put pants on when you wake up in the morning.”

Check it out.

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Reading out loud

I’ve never done this before (and in my research, discovered you’re not supposed to tell people that so I’m 0-for-1 already), but at the end of April I’ll be reading at Epic Books in Hamilton.

Kevin Spenst is the main event and he’s coming from B.C.

Benny Langedyk is local and can’t even drink yet so you’ll cry at how good he is (I mean, I was pretty prolific as a teenager too, but every single one of my cringe-inducing 16, 731, 867, 543 poems were basically about how NO ONE UNDERSTANDS. His are legit).

Gary Barwin is hosting and I’m nervous but excited he asked me to join these two.


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Make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their upright and locked position

I’m working on a bag for a friend right now. She’s a pilot in Yukon and she needs something to carry her flight plans and liquor.


About the flight plans. Har har.

Anyway, I was waiting on this brown pull-up hide to come in and it is beauuuuuutiful. I got a huge piece of it and am already worried I should have bought more because who knows when more like this will be in stock?

IMG_4523 (Large)

Such excellent raw edges!

IMG_4516 (Medium)

One of the nine million designs I was trying to incorporate is this propeller…

IMG_4524 (Large)

I tooled it up before I left the studio tonight and, as long it it gets the seal of approval from the captain, I’ll dye it and stitch it on next week.

I have to say it was nice to tool stuff today. I feel like I’ve been doing straight stitching the last couple months and I’ve missed carving. I’ve especially missed painting so I think the next couple pieces I work on are going to be heavy on all of the above.


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Giddy up

I first tried to set a stone in a ring last spring. If you were within a square kilometre of King and John, maybe you heard my screams?

I spent eight. Straight. Hours. Working on it. At the end of that time, I had nothing to show except metal-made paper cuts on my thumbs. Not a single completed component.

That’s why, even though this guy’s not perfect, I’m THRILLED with him.

IMG_4508 (Large)

IMG_4510 (Medium)

IMG_4512 (Medium)

Daaaaaaamn, I am so so so happy with this! I used copper because it’s dirt-cheap compared to sterling. The cameo is vintage glass.

It took me an afternoon (last week) to saw the backplate, make the bezel and solder the two together. Today I sawed the ring blank, made it a size 7 and soldered it to the backplate. Then I popped my horsey pal in, closed the bezel around his edges and filed the edges.


IMG_4509 (Medium)






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Signing on

This is late coming, but did I tell you what my brother made me for Christmas?

The best thing ever.

That not clear it up? Try this…


IMG_4504 (Medium)

IMG_4506 (Medium)

He blacksmithed this baby up. Suede, steel and wood.

IMG_4501 (Medium)

As if, am I right? RIGHT. The only reason it’s not hanging yet is that I can’t decide which of a million places I want to put it.

Inside the studio so I can stare at it every day? Outside the studio to mark it as my space? In the window so people on the street can see it? Too many decisions. Too much awesome.



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