April 2014

Dogs being doofs

Because who doesn’t love that? Also because we have double the doofs. Marley has been living with us this month…

IMG_4112 (Medium)

























IMG_4225 (Small)
















IMG_4024 (Medium)

























IMG_4266 (Medium)

























This was Marley’s 6th birthday and they were bouncing the party. They scared not one, but two teenage boys out of the alley so mission accomplished!

IMG_4212 (Small)

















IMG_4234 (Medium)































Oh you bet your bottom bone that counch is fucking disgusting right now. Fortunately we just realized the covers zip off so they’re heading into the washing machine on Sunday.

I realize this post doens’t cater to any non dog-loving readership out there…maybe an exclusive food review will excite you? Everyone loves food.

I ate at Aunties and Uncles in Toronto a couple weeks ago and it was the greatest breakfast experience of my life thus far. Yes, even better than the nameless NYC diner I have been blabbing about for the last 11 years. The one with the waitress who was a total quickdraw with the water and the coffee and wrecked me on servers for the rest of my life. God she was good…

Anyway, at A&U I had breakfast tacos (officially marking 24 hours of meals consisting solely of tacos) and it was among my best choices of all-time. The sausage in these guys was soooooo rich and savoury and spicy, the eggs were fluffy, the corn tortillas were the real deal. All the condomints were made in-house.

IMG_4174 (Medium)






























Oh man, I forgot about the potatoes until I saw this picture! Herbed and tumbled but with crispy edges. DINERS. Take note. It’s this easy!

Bonus? Two more tortillas were hiding under the ones you see here. Quadruple the fun.

IMG_4175 (Medium)






























Doesn’t hurt to hit us with a free banana oatmeal pancake and all your awesome scenery…

IMG_4178 (Medium)

























IMG_4179 (Medium)


























IMG_4181 (Medium)

























IMG_4177 (Medium)










































Not to mention THIS scenery, am I right ladies?

I don’t even remember what these guys ate. I remember being jealous when it was dropped off, but then I started eating mine and got so smug about how there was  no way their food could have been better than mine, I blocked it all out.

Eat here. It’s crazy good and the location is like an insane camp clubhouse and the servers are on the ball and it’s full of babes (see above).

PS sorry about the spacing here but wtf, WordPress?

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I know, it’s been too long. Know how I know? Because Jane starts harassing me.

I’ve hardly been able to get in the studio. I guess it’s a good problem to have (too much paid writing being the reason), but I’m just dying to work on some new designs. Hopefully this week.

In the meantime, go outside! It’s so nice! Walk your dog – I’m about to.


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Lay off me, I’m starving

I may be on contract and I may not have benefits, but I just got a temporary gig doing food reviews and that’s just as good as far as I’m concerned.

For the next few months, I’ll be reviewing restaurants for the Spectator.

You can read what I think of Two Black Sheep here my take on The Burnt Tongue here and see my post title reference here.

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