May 2014

Blood, sweat and tears…ok maybe just the sweat part

I’ve been sitting on last year’s deer hide for a long time. It’s smaller than the year before so I wanted to save it for projects that only required a bit because I want to stretch it out.

IMG_4513 (Large)




































IMG_4554 (Large)



































IMG_4550 (Large)



































Also fired up the kiln even though that makes it a million and one degrees in the studio. This is what I do so you can have nice things! Also so I can put together an application for a gallery show this week.

Will let you know how that goes. In the meantime, how much do you want to eat that mint-green necklace? It looks so cool and soothing…mmmmm now I need a popsicle.

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Sky captain

Hoooooooooooly geez, I finally made it into the studio for the first time in too much time and finished off Rachel’s pilot bag.

I kind of want to keep it, but alas – do not have the proper credentials (or stomach. Small planes scare me…well, all planes scare me, but…)

IMG_4377 (Large)































Little sprig of fireweed on the back…

IMG_4368 (Medium)


























I love the raw edge of this hide – only one corner like it on the whole massive piece of leather so I built the bag around it.

IMG_4362 (Large)































Her handle on its handle…

IMG_4372 (Large)































Lots of tooling on this guy. LOTS.

IMG_4365 (Medium)















And soon it will be winging it way north – the first of many flights in its life.

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