August 2014


Last week was a complete bust where basically everything I touched fell apart.

This week has been better so far, but I’ve only been in the studio for about two hours so fingers crossed…

What I have succeeded at is photographing and listing a couple items in the shop – a belt that’s a snap to use and a purse that I’m having trouble not using.



















































































































If you’re interested in other, you can find them both right here.

Next up – a couple new takes on my canteen purse and (if I can get my hands on some baking soda today) some newly enamelled earrings. Domed and coppery and warm!






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Baaaaa (or whatever sound alpacas make)

Just had to show off this giant ball of wool I picked up from Stoney Creek’s Alpacas from Eighth and Mud






























I am impatient to start making something with it, but can’t settle on what to make with it. I kind of want to make another Good Night Day sweater, but with size 50 needles instead of 35 (because this is some fat-ass yarn and I think, with my limited knitting knowledge, this will be necessary).

PS – it’s this sound. SOMEONE ANSWER HIM.


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Keep it in your pocket

New wallet! So simple! So perfect for ID and a bit of cash! Or for business cards.

Light1 (Medium)



























Light3 (Medium)


























Light4 (Medium)




























I’m about to make a million of these. While you wait, check out my freshly updated shop!
























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