September 2014

Kilns and colours

Some new little guys. I can’t wait for winter. You wouldn’t think a little beehive kiln could kick up this much of a heatwave but I’m dying in here these days…














































































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One more summer trip up to land! We built an outhouse – little less exciting than the cabin itself, but still pretty sweet (not that it’s finished – still needs walls and a roof).

IMG_5510 (Custom)

















IMG_5436 (Custom)

















IMG_5445 (Custom)


















IMG_5455 (Custom)



















The annual corn roast happened that weekend, so we stayed an extra night. Who can say no to a corn roast? Especially when it features karaoke? SIDENOTE: This was the first time in my life I have participated in karaoke and it was somehow a tasty mix of shameful and liberating.

IMG_5460 (Custom)


















Minor problem on the way home so we called a tow truck, but Sean got bored of waiting around for that so…


IMG_5521 (Custom)













IMG_5536 (Custom)



















He just figured it out on his own because he’s a genius.

IMG_5514 (Custom)


















Up next, I’ve been working on some bags and am planning to spent the whole days enamelling tomorrow so it will be a colour extravaganza up in here





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