Sippin’ on gin and juice

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A few new flasks I’m putting in the shop these days.

Historically, flasks have been my biggest Christmas seller but these days people are all about the wallets. I’ve got quite a few orders in the queue. Those and my puddle earrings. Have I mentioned what a total runaway success those have been? I don’t think I’ve ever made anything that’s done as well as those little earrings.

On the one hand I’m surprised because they’re just simple circled. On the other hand, I absolutely get it because the colours are so¬† beautiful I can’t stop staring at them. So smooth and glassy and bright!

What are your holiday plans? This week is the week of the party for me. I had one Saturday and one Sunday. This week I have one tonight, one Thursday and three on Friday. Plus, two instances of work-related food celebrations!

If I can give one tip to employers it’s this – don’t underestimate the motivational power of a free lunch. Maybe my personal financial instability is what causes me to straight-up thrill at free food, but I am actively looking forward to the work week as a result of this information.

Now if only I could convince them of the value of a Friday beer cart…

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