Because I totally fell in love with my comics class in school this year, I’m keeping a sort of visual journal.

I’ve always been an obsessive keeper of written journals. This, despite the fact that not only do I never go back and read them, I’d never let anyone else read them. In fact, Sean has explicit instructions to BURN all my journals in the event of my death.

Image-centric journals however are a totally different animal. I go back and look at them all the time and I don’t care who sees them.

As a bonus, it’s something to keep me sketching on days when I’m not working on a longer piece.

This one was more of me trying to come up with design ideas for the pottery class I’m taking.


And this one I started while we were up north last weekend. I’m not wild about the way I ended up inking it. That left hand puff of smoke is too dark and I think the pens I used for the outline there are too thin.

But hey, I will take a note and hopefully not make the same mistake next time.


Haha! I find the word “sodding” to be hilarious. It doesn’t even need context. Just sitting on its own, it’s fucking funny, case closed.

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