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Want to know what I’d be buying if I was buying right now? Let’s take a look!


This print of Lisa Toth‘s is what I like to imagine my hair looks like after I go swimming. You know, rather than the rat’s nest it likely is.


LeighLaLovesYou. She also loves Bill Murray. So do I (PS I just realized this wasn’t really Bill Murray and it made me sad because I really felt like were were becoming pals, but this Twitter account is pretty hilarious even if it is a heartbreaking lie), so I guess it makes sense I love her.


Old Amy needs a new pair of shoes and they look like these ones from Needlehead Crafts in Edmonton.


File this in the “I’m totally mental” category. I barely ever go to fancy functions and when I do, I never wear long dresses. But I keep seeing myself swanning around in this beauty, drinking glasses of wine in a crumbling chateau, maybe wearing some ridic fur stole and dipping my hands into ornate fountains (Gore Park?). What I’m saying here is “Atonement.” I can almost believe I could have K. Knight’s Atonement life (pre-complete-disaster or course) in this dress fromĀ Nelli Uzun.


For chopp-UNH…choppin’ broccoli-hi-hi-hi hiiiiii! From Woodink.

Sidenote: Lorne Michaels, what gives? You’re doing no one any favours by keeping SNL and KITH skits off YouTube. This is the way of things. Live in the now.


This appeals to the teenage goth I would have been if I’d lived in a bigger city with more emo stores and enough black and velvet clothing to facilitate such a life(undead?)style . Aquatory.


This dress is long gone, but Vera Vague is always updating with awesome shit.


And because summer wouldn’t be complete without me pining for the heaviest winter wear, I’m dying for these flannel-lined jeans from Eddie Bauer. EDDIE – PLEASE BRING THEM BACK THIS FALL.

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Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try.

2013 has (with the exception of Cuba) sucked so far (A LOT) but I refuse to give up hope on the year so early in the game so I’m going to go ahead and pretend 2013 started with Family Day.

I have a bag load of new metal-working tools. I have ideas up the wazoo for both fiction and journalism. I have a freshly cleaned house which always makes me feel like I am in charge of the world. I have plans outlined in my day planner and I’m crossing them off like nobody’s business. I’m going to start a woodworking course this spring because I came up with an idea for an art piece I’m fuzzy on physically realizing without a construction-style skill set. I have a new coat too, did I mention that?


I got it from Dear Golden and even though I have strict rules against white (I am in no shape to take care of that colour ever), and it was more money than I should have spent, I bought it because we are soulmates and who am I to stand in the way of fate? Especially when I’m underdressed and in need of a pick-me-up.

So if a crap year is a villain and this coat is my superhero costume, I’m ready to fight against the evils of an awful annum. Because there are a lotta months between now and 2014 and I believe that from the dark side, this year can be led. Mmmmmmm, yes! To the light it may come!



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Check it. Twice.

I’ve had no time to make anything new this week so guess what? Wish list time! I guess you could consider this a gift guide even if I already own the number one thing on it…


From Claylicious. Drink it up. I will, as soon as it gets here in the mail.

Bates Crate2

Porter crates from Bates Crates. Because I’m sick of spilling coffee all over my hands when I ride.

Book shirts

I think these awesome full-text-on-a-T-shirts are from Lithographs but I can only follow an Internet trail so far before I’m bored. Don’t remember where I initially saw them.

Eddie Bauer 1936 Skyliner

I’ll take mostly anything from Eddie Bauer, but I REALLY want this 1936 Skyliner vest. Whyyyyyyy can you only order it online? It would be so much harder to resist in person.


Another City of Craft comrade – Supayana. Foxy, right?


Oh man, this was the best thing I saw all weekend and it was on the finger of a browser. I’m so glad I asked where she got it. Jules Roman, a Toronto sculptor, makes these mini-artworks for your hands.

Horses, birds, bears. I want the horse and I think I would be justified in buying it because, as the browser told me, she thinks every girl should have her own horse.


Gah this is perfect. I would never wash my hair if I owned this ChiChiDee scarf. What would be the point? It would always be tied up in plaid.


Will I ever be able to afford these Love Jules shoes? Probably not (though that’s what I always thought about owning a panini grill too), but maybe a well-timed sale combined with a sudden cash windfall will bring me and these awesome kicks together one day.


This I will for sure never own, but I will certainly continue to daydream about. Hmmmm maybe if I used it as both a bed AND a kitchen table I could justify it? Though there’s still the problem of getting it here from California’s Appendage and Bough.

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Online makes it easy…

I’m feeling a little guilt about some online shopping I’ve done lately, but not enough to want to take back either of these “commit to buy” clicks.

Both are from the same place – Kelly Clark of Umber Dove Studios. She’s a painter and a silversmith and on top of that, a flat-out pleasure to exchange emails with. Last week she posted a group of four rings and I JUMPED on one because it was exactly the kind of jewellery I was looking for on the bike trip. Wait…what? I’m a little obsessed with talismans – something I blame directly on The Neverending Story – and when I go on trips I like to get some sort of souvenir, usually jewellery, that speaks directly to my exeperience of the place I’m in.

On Manitoulin, it was for sure the surfer-haired horses I posted last week – the ones who came galloping at full speed through a sunny field to come see us at the fence by the road. It was a pretty awesome sight, one that caused me to just yell nonsense sounds at them followed by “you’re amaaaaaaaaaazing!”

There were no horse anythings to be found on Manitoulin. However, these were in Kelly’s shop the day we got back.

I chose this guy…


Then yesterday, during the daily run through my shop and through my fave stores to see what was new, these guys were up.

Not going to lie – I’ve got no special story to justify this buy other than they’re beautiful. I looooooooooove asymmetrical earrings and have been eying these ones up since she started making them. Finally, my timing was right.

Oh snap. Check out her studio. Her stuff goes fast, but is catch-able.

In other news, I am finally going to be back in my own studio on Saturday and I feel like I’m about to explode from lack of it. It’s been almost a month since I’ve been able to work there – between lots of July vacation and the get-ahead/catch-up game you have to play on all sides surrounding a vacation. I’m going to lock myself in and then blow the doors straight off the place this weekend!

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Park It

No secret around here that I love me some Canadiana, particularly when park-related.

A few weeks ago, I bought a custom order from Kelly Clark of Umber Dove Studios and asked for a ring that riffed on the old-school Parks Canada logo. We had some back and forth about design and stone and sha-zaam! It arrived this week.

Oh yes sirs.

It’s incredible. AND? She worked in – in the most perfect of ways – the little stand of northern spruce I wanted to include.

I love it. Love it. I know I’ve shown off custom orders on this site before, but this one takes the cake. It is my most adored piece of jewellery and if you’ll excuse me now, I’m going to show it off on a patio somwhere (who am I kidding? The Ship. I will be on the patio at The Ship).

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