Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to the Ontario Arts Council – today it turns 50!

Last year I was lucky enough to receive a Writers’ Reserve grant to research the novel I’m working on right now, but I was just one of the 1, 681 artists and 1, 125 organizations (including Supercrawl) their fundung supported in 2012.

Wherever you are in the world, raise a glass to the OAC tonight. Middle age has done nothing to mellow this organization. Its support is still helping Ontarians turn up the awesome on the arts.


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I don’t know what the story is with this clip, but I find it hilarious and feel a trip down the Internet rabbit hole coming on as I further investigate the Kroll Show.


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More and More Media

I just found out my bourbon flask was featured on Etsy’s front page yesterday evening!

This is the…third time I think? My faux bois-ome earrings hit the front page a few months back, as did a leather feathered hair comb. And maybe a flask or two…?

Anyway, it always shocks and delights hell out of me that people, first of all, find me in the massive mess of talent on Etsy, and secondly, actively choose to add me to their treasuries.

Thanks to Chigaco artist, Dolan Geiman, for including me in this wicked collection. I remember reading about him/drooling my face off over his stuff when he was  a featured seller on Etsy a while back, so it’s quite a thing to have caught his attention.

You should most definitely check his site out. His countrified collages and woodworks are what I imagine my cabin is filled with when I fantasize about buying a small parcel of land up in Yukon and building a ramshackle dwelling.

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Media Blitz

This is a little old, but my Wild Filly wallet was featured on style site We Covet a few months back.

Thanks ladies!

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