Ba ba buuuuuuuuuuum (ominous sound)

Happy Monday. Today’s the day I start a short contract with the The Spec. It’s (gasp) full-time and I’ve been prepping for the months ahead in much the same way Michael Shannon did for the storm in Take Shelter because it essentially means balancing two full-time jobs with the sweet sexy allure of summer.

So far I think I have it figured out. I just won’t sleep and I won’t take any days off. I’ll get up at dawn to write fiction and magazine pieces before work, go to work, come home to fix up the house/various summer projects ie:  the yard, trailer and kitchen, snooze for a bit before repeating, then spend the weekends in the studio dawn to dusk so I can fill the Etsy shop and wholesale orders. Somewhere in there will be Supercrawl planning.

VOILA. I’ve even carved out space for these here updates in this little plan o’ mine, but I probably won’t be doing any more than three posts a week until the and of August. Just wanted to give you a heads-up in case, you know, you work any part of your day around checking in here. Also to calm my own insanity. It makes me feel better to see things written down.

Anywhoooooo, with that PSA out of the way, I made some new earrings.

IMG_3107 (Medium)

Coleman lanterns, guys.

IMG_3116 (Large)

Made from brass and hung on handmade brass earwires (which, by the way, are so fun to make. I don’t know if you care or not, but maybe I’ll make up a short video on how they’re done because they’re quick and easy and I couldn’t for the life of me find the right online tutorial for this kind of hook anywhere).

IMG_3104 (Large)

Ta-da! Soon to be in the shop, but probably not until Saturday.

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A flurry of feathers

I kinda hate symmetry. I mean…it works sometimes, but mostly it seems conspicuous.

Three, seven, nine – I’m feeling you. I buy it. You happen to be odd and it seems legit. Two, four, six on the other hand? Your even-ness is suspicious. Planned. Easy. A little too easy if you know what I mean.

These guys take a cue from my friend Rachel, who always mixes and matches her earrings (or mine when she’s buying them from me) and pulls it off strong. Screw symmetry. I just think odd numbers are more interesting. I like a little lop-sidedness.

Leaves 005 (Medium) (2)

I think you know the drill. Hand-carved brass feathers, hand-filed and polished and strung on handmade brass ear wires.

One, two, three.

Leaves 043 (Large)

Can you tell the ones on the right curve in different directions? It would be so much easier to get shots of earrings if my head were flat or my ears bigger. Ahhhh well. I suppose we can’t have everything…

Leaves 001 (Medium)

…wanna know what we can have though? These earrings. Especially if you live in Halifax, which is where they’ll be the first weekend of May when I’m at Halifax Crafters (PS – yesssssssss I LOVE HALIFAX).

See you on the coast!

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Light as a feather

Geez Louise, it took me long enough to figure this out, but here FINALLY are some earrings. On ear wires. That I made.

Min feather earrings 2 (Medium)

They’re meant to be feathers and meant to be hanging the other way, but the quills were too narrow to drill a hole at that end, so I flipped them.

Mini feather earrings 3 (Large)

Super light. Feels like flying. Be on the lookout for more earrings now that I’ve got a handle on this mess.

Mini feather earrings 1 (Medium)

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Trailer trash

Living in a van down by the river? Maybe you just spend time there during the camping season…

Trailer Trash 017 (Large)

Either way, the only reason to be ashamed is if by “trailer trash” you mean the garbage you leave behind when you’re caravanning. That’s shit’s not cool and you can consider this a PSA to that effect.

But I digress.

Trailer Trash 002 (Large)

The Trailer Trash necklace is based on the fibreglass Trillium. Made in Alberta (the recreational vehicle – not the necklace). Little, lightweight, hardy.

Trailer Trash 011 (Medium)

This one is carved from 18 GA brassand strung on a vintage brass chain. Sanded and filed to a matte finish. Ready to hitch to yer car and hit the road.

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Guest appearance by O

Guys…oven enameling is not working out the way I thought it would. Who wants to sell me a cheap kiln?

In other news, I’m going to piggy-back on Os Clothes for today’s post because I did all the work over at his site and just why shouldn’t I get all the credit?

Happy Friday folks! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get lunch and down a gallon of water in preparation for Around the Bay. Does it work to train and eat like a hardcore pro if you only do it the two days before the race? We’ll find out!

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