GUYS, I just got back from Cuba and have a million photos to wade through. In the meantime, I recently found one of my old high school sketch books and looky-loo! Some of my favourite stuff still kicking around!

I remember being pretty psyched about this first one because I didn’t think I could do aaaaaaanything with oil pastels and it turned out better than I thought.

SAM_2862 (Large)

I was also obsessed with Sandman comics so I spent a whole lotta time replicating panels.

SAM_2866 (Large)

I really wish I had all of the sketches from this next one, but I guess I tossed everything but the best. This was an exercise where we were supposed to draw our partners without looking at the paper or taking charcoal off the page. It’s probably the all-time wonkiest image ever made of my friend Karen, but it’s also one of my favourite things I have ever drawn. I don’t know why.

SAM_2864 (Large)

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Dip Dip and Swing

Despite Purolator’s best efforts, my painting, Trudeau’s Canoe, made it to and from the Cottage Life offices in one piece! And in time to illustrate Justin Trudeau’s back page column about his father teaching him to paddle.

You can check it out in the above issue. But lock up your imagination first. I cannot look through this magazine without spazzing out about fixing up the trailer YESTERDAY, buying a shack in the woods, moving to the Yukon and wearing a suit made of Pendleton blankets every. Dang. Day. It’s a real danger if you have an ounce of love for the outdoors.

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Barking Up The Wrong Birch (That’s Right – I’m Capping Every Word)

I know the site has been pretty lacklustre this week but I’ve been focussed on research and writing and getting things arranged for my upcoming trip to New York and none of that translates into anything very visually stimulating.

I did, however, manage to finish off this week’s big studio project – the canoe repro.

So there’s that.


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Dip Dip and Swing

I’m taking it pretty easy here today on Family Day (sorry to those of you who don’t have it), but I did get into to the studio to work on a painting – a reproduction of one I did years ago.

It’s Trudeau’s canoe (the one on display at the Canadian Canoe Museum) and it’s going to be used as a mag illustration for a piece (not mine) that makes my heart sing. More information to come…

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