Super quickly (off to a Supercrawl meeting – we’re accepting visual art submissions for 2015. Have you got one?), here’s a wallet I just made.

Block-dyed with the Bruce Peninsula…

IMG_5935 (Small)













IMG_5937 (Small)













IMG_5941 (Small)





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Wow hi! It’s been a while. For the Americans, this will be timely. For everyone else, not so much.

We spent this Thanksgiving (way back in October) up north with my best friend Karen. We met when we were about six years old and bonded over a bag of Teddy Grahams. You can hear her singing here.

IMG_6584 (Medium)




















There was a lot of just hanging out on this trip. The weather was so beautiful, how could we resist paddling around the river and drinking beer on tiny islands…

IMG_5998 (Custom)












Much guitar too.

IMG_5981 (Medium)




















IMG_6017 (Medium)




















And eating.

IMG_6016 (Medium)




















IMG_6589 (Medium)




















There was a bit of work too though. Chopping down tree stumps…

IMG_6587 (Medium)




















And Sean panelled the cabin!

IMG_6015 (Medium)









IMG_6031 (Medium)















IMG_5984 (Medium)















IMG_5996 (Medium)

























IMG_6577 (Medium)





















IMG_6590 (Medium)




















IMG_6020 (Medium)




















Happy Thanksgiving north, south, east and west.

That’s all for this post but I’m hoping to have shots of some new stuff up. I just bought a new, much larger kiln in anticipation of a 2015 show so expect it to get all enamelled up in here before the year is out.

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Get your rocks on

A Rocky Mountain cuff – based on the same design as my Rockies necklace.


IMG_5925 (Custom)












IMG_5930 (Medium)




















IMG_5931 (Custom)












I’m dying to do it in silver but that’s a whackload of sterling so I’m going to have to save up a bit.


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Mixing business with business

Every once in a while I’m so pumped about something writing-related, it makes its way over here.

This is one of those times. I recently worked on a piece about the kind of harassment many women and LGBTQ folk are subjected to regularly. It ran in the Spec today and you can check it out here.


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Big brown bag

Hey there! It’s been a while! Turns out doing a masters is a lot of work. I had to shuffle stuff around so the time I used for sitting on the couch in no pants, maintaining web things is now spent sitting on the couch in no pants, being high-minded and literary.

Fortunately the stars have aligned for today so I can tell you about this purse I love so much I might not sell.

Brown Canteen 3























Nice heavy moosehide.

Brown Canteen 4




























This guy’s big and bold and brass in the hardware department.

Brown Canteen 6


















OK MAYBE I’ll put it in the shop…just have to see how much more of this leather I have left. Because I think I’m overdue for making myself something.

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