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A quick shot of a trio of straps I worked on today. From left to right: the Scout Sash Strap, the Heave Ho Strap and the Featherweight Strap. These are all waiting for a final coat of finish before being backed with a thin veg-tanned leather – a move that will make their prices higher than if I used treated liner, but which will make them oh-so-luxe and for the serious axe-wielder.

Second, a light that Sean picked up for me. It’s amazing. My studio used to be our living room and has very ambient, lounge-y lighting. Perfect for hanging out and drinking wine on couches. Less stellar for hunching over hides and hammering. It’s already made a world of difference and I’ve only had it a day. Now I can work straight through the night!

Lastly, the big awesome fun I spoke of = I’m winging on out of town Thursday night, so there won’t be much to see around these parts until July 8th when I get back from here. I’m very excited, but also very scared. I love, love, love the north, but I hate, hate, hate flying and I’m going to be on a total of about ten planes in the next two weeks. Please devote some time every day to willing my flights to stay in the air.

Also if you were not at the Casbah last night you missed an awesome Bluegrassy time. Grass Mountain Hobos are an excellent band and they nailed a cover of Cripple Creek just for me! The show was much appreciated and the Casbah has given me star treatment this month so I offer my applause. Thanks to everyone who came out!

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One of the upsides of having a boyfriend who owns a bike shop (and one that specializes in ass-kicking European bikes) is getting to help pick out/dibs on the gear that comes in.

Behold my new(est) ride – the Batavus Utility Bike!

We have been waiting on this shipment for weeks and it did not disappoint! As $600, this is the most affordable of all Batavas rides, priced to put everyone on bikes that will last. You’ve got sweet fat tires, a bell, chain guard, stylicious paperclip-shaped frame, you can mount racks on this bad boy, the three speeds really offer all the range you need, coaster and hand brakes. Also, the best part as far as I’m concerned, a mood indicator! You have to buy the components for this separately, but good god how amazing is it?

Happy? Sad? Road raging? Show the streets with your swappable mood indicator instead of your actions. I’ve known a lot of bikes in my day, but I don’t think I’ve felt a personal, in-cahoots, best bud (best BUB?), comrades-in-arms connection like this since my very first bike – a purple ride with a rainbow banana seat. You just wait. I’m going to switch these tires for some Fat Franks and cruise the streets in Storm Trooper style a la the below photo!

Ding ding! Clear the way for wicked! If you’re interested I’m selling my orange Old Dutch to finance my new best friend. Single speed, coaster brakes, in perfect shape except for a ding on the rear fender, and painted a shocking shade of tasty orange that has been discontinued, making it a collector’s item. Let me know if you want to test ride it.

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Storage System

I mentioned this, but I don’t think I ever posted a picture of it.

This was my birthday present back in August – a canvas storage system that Sean made with his own two hands.

We just moved it downstairs last night and it’s finally (almost) fully organized for maximum output.

So awesome. And it still smells like freshly cut wood.

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Ho Hum Dum De Dum

Here is some of what I did today…

– Worked on a birthday/thank you cuff for Karin.

– Allowed Memphis to sleep on the couch. He was sick! He’s still fragile!

– Made falafals and a loaf of bread.

– Watched Sean silk screen some T-shirts. The intended message of them is I Camp Ontario Parks, but there is a dirty subliminal message also. You can figure it out.

– Transcribed. Listed things on Etsy.

– Rustled up a present for other Karen (with an E not an I), who should look no further if she’s reading this because it will ruin her own surprise.

In other news, if anyone can tell me why I can no longer type between photos without having the text appear all over the place in ths published post, that would be awesome. You know what I’m saying? If I try to jibber jabber throughout the post, adding captions to photos, the whole thing looks totally wonky when I hit publish.


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