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Take off, eh?

Join the Bob and Doug brigade. This brass necklace lets you sing it loud and proud from beneath your lumberjacket or above your denim shirt – I’m a hoser, ya hoser. True north, strong and free.

HoserNecklace1 (Large)

Hand-sawn from brass and filed and sanded to a dull shine.

TUesday 022 (Large)

Hanging from 28 inches of vintage brass chain.

HoserNecklace2 (Large)

Online in the shop now.

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The cuff I worked on last week – a raven’s feather for the Yukon.

I did the background in a faded shade of purple. This was an experiment in not making everything as though I were going to keep it for myself.

My preference would have been a brown background and brass snaps, but I thought people might prefer black with silver, which doesn’t (according to traditional mixing and matching of hides and hardware) really go with brown.

Sized for an 8.5 inch wrist and heading into the shop in the next couple minutes.

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Canadianarama Cuffs

A couple new pieces heading into the shop today include a new Ontario Trillium cuff…

And a new PEI Blue Jay cuff…

Another exciting piece of news? My studio is chugging along to the point where I may be able to move in this weekend and start working as early as Monday!

Words cannot express my excitement over this – partially because I can’t wait to have a beautiful new studio and partially because I can’t wait for our living space not to be a ram-jam mess of psycho with paint splattered everywhere! The couch cushions can no longer be flipped to hide the spills – we’re at capacity.

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