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Take off, eh?

Join the Bob and Doug brigade. This brass necklace lets you sing it loud and proud from beneath your lumberjacket or above your denim shirt – I’m a hoser, ya hoser. True north, strong and free.

HoserNecklace1 (Large)

Hand-sawn from brass and filed and sanded to a dull shine.

TUesday 022 (Large)

Hanging from 28 inches of vintage brass chain.

HoserNecklace2 (Large)

Online in the shop now.

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Check This, Chickie!

Short on time = short on words. Here’s a necklace I worked on today – part of the Canadianarama collection.

A black-capped chickadee feather for New Brunswick.

BAM. In the shop Monday. Also up? A prototype of one of the ideas I had yesterday while visiting Tundra.

Hit Art Crawl. Have a great weekend.

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The cuff I worked on last week – a raven’s feather for the Yukon.

I did the background in a faded shade of purple. This was an experiment in not making everything as though I were going to keep it for myself.

My preference would have been a brown background and brass snaps, but I thought people might prefer black with silver, which doesn’t (according to traditional mixing and matching of hides and hardware) really go with brown.

Sized for an 8.5 inch wrist and heading into the shop in the next couple minutes.

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The Buzz

I had to shuffle things around due to a last-minute addition of Shoot from the Hip/Hide & Cyc to this weekend’s Beehive Summer Craft Fair, so you’re getting a sneak peek at some new leather designs now instead of next week.

This Friday night during Art Crawl and all day Saturday, I will be joining an all-star roster of crafters at the Old Friendship Shop on James North near Wilson.

The goods are so good, I have already mentally allocated any profit I may make to fellow featured artists including Sartoria.

Beside sales on new-old stock, I’m bringing some new-new stock including the below Hoser Cuff, the Faux the Bois Cuff (though it also works faux the ladies) and the Western Belle Cuff.

See you there!

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Common Loon Cuff

For Ontario – the Common Loon Cuff.

Pret-ty happy with the way this turned out.

This happens with (almost) every cuff, but I’m not so sure I want to sell it now that it’s done. I guess I can’t exactly walk around with all of them them stacked up and down my arms at once though, can I?

So – to the Etsy shop.

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