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Fly to PEI

I know I’m not done with the provincial/territorial flowers just yet, but I’m skipping ahead to birds anyway starting with their feathers.

First up is the Blue Jay of Prince Edward Island.

This is a thick swatch of creamy Belgian leather so the tooling is deep. Hand-painted in shades of black, blue and white.

Fit for an eight inch wrist – pictured on a six inch wrist.

Heading into the shop soon.

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Yukon Times Two

After hammering out my first cuff of the Canadianarama Collection, designs took a turn for the freeform. I started cutting the bracelets to follow the shape of the flower instead of cutting the leather and then jamming the flower into the window created by the cuff.

Yesterday I started on a new fireweed cuff – one with a less rigid shape and which shows the entire plant. I’ll have better close-up’s once the snow melts -right now, my main squeeze outdoor photography surfaces are buried beneath- but this gives you a pretty good idea of what the cuff looks like off the wrist.

I’m a little unhappy with the snap placement – something that, in my excitement to tool and paint, I didn’t consider until it was too late. However, I’m only down on it when it’s sitting around flat like this. On, it’s no biggie.

Bet you didn’t know I could play the accordion, right? Right. I can’t. But it makes for an interesting prop.

A couple more custom flasks to come!


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Paris of the Prairies

Sean says that song is for the ladies. So is this cuff…

The Saskatchewan Western Red Lily. I sized this one pretty small. Like many of the cuffs in this collection, it measures seven inches from snap to snap. Unlike most, its end-to-end width is such that it hugs snug on a six-inch wrist.

I want to to drive through the prairies tonight. And tomorrow night. Maybe every night. How does one become a gypsy? I feel like I have the requisite restlessness, sufficient jangly jewellery and appropriate skirts. Where might I find a caravan?


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Alberta Wild Rose Cuff

This did not turn out exactly as I had imagined. The dark stain dulled the highlights of the bloom and the leaves were, for whatever reason, a nightmare to paint.

I started layering dark green on too early and then it was impossible to even things out. I was going to scrap it yesterday afternoon, but a little late-night painting sort of saved it.

I think I’m still going to give this one a second shot, but not right away. It kills me in the heart to re-do something so soon after an initial semi-failed attempt.

I’m coming for you next, Pacific Dogwood, you west coast hippie.


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